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She keeps growing! Yesterday we took Allie to the doctor for her 3-year-old checkup and I was a little nervous about how she’d do there. But luckily they made it fun and had no trouble getting her height and weight as well as blood pressure and pulse! I didn’t know they started checking that so early!

At 3 years old, Allie weighs in at 31.5 pounds, and measures 36.5 inches. Those stats put her in approximately the 65th percentile for weight and about the 45th for height.

At 2, she weighed 29.4 pounds and was 34 inches tall, for the 82nd and 56th percentiles. So she’s gone down a bit on the chart for weight as well as height… she’s still short like her mama!

We talked with the doctor about potty training and transitioning Allie to a toddler bed (yes, at 3 years old she still sleeps in the crib!). I don’t suppose I have a real desire to move her to a toddler bed just yet, but I’ve read that a toddler bed is cheaper to buy than another crib! The bigger concern right now is potty training. We’re going to go broke (not to mention insane) if we have two kids in diapers at the same time. Our doc gave us some good tips and I think we might just try over the long Thanksgiving weekend to see if we can get something started on this. Hopefully we won’t be trying to do the toddler bed and potty training at the same time!

We didn’t really address the motor skills much but it sounds like she’s reached all the important milestones for her age. We found out that if we draw a circle on a piece of paper that Allie will copy it and also that she can stand on one foot! We didn’t know she could do either of those! So that was kind of neat. Whereas we were so concerned about her talking at most of the appointments after she was supposed to start talking!

Doug and I were really surprised about some of the stuff they told us we need to start teaching Allie… about fire escape routes and inappropriate touching and stuff like that… she still seems a little young for that, but I guess you have to start some time! Its just another reminder that our baby is growing up!


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