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24 weeks – Then and Now

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I’m always one to compare experiences. So of course I’ve been comparing this pregnancy to my pregnancy with Allie. When I compare my belly pictures at 24 weeks between now and when I was pregnant with Allie, I can’t just believe the difference!

24 weeks 1 day, now

23 weeks 3 days, then

Just look at the difference! The picture with Allie was taken five days earlier and my belly was definitely bigger, and my whole body was bigger! I was so chubby! Though I started showing sooner this time, I’m not bigger overall.

I’m at the clinic right now doing the two-hour glucose tolerance test. I’m almost done, I think I’ll have my last blood draw in about 15 minutes. I wasn’t looking forward to today’s weigh-in since I’ve been eating a lot of junk this week. Today’s weight puts me at 25 pounds gained so far. I’m not upset though… I had already gained 25 pounds between 18 and 19 weeks with Allie. So to be at 25 pounds at almost 25 weeks is fine with me! Though the doctor I saw mentioned that gain. But this doctor isn’t my regular doctor and I don’t think my regular doctor would have said anything. I gained 65 pounds with Allie… so I’m reasonably confident I’m not going to gain 40 more pounds in 15 weeks! If I can escape with somewhere around 40 pounds total, I’ll be thrilled.


Author: Jessica

I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

One thought on “24 weeks – Then and Now

  1. You look great! And I still can’t believe how much you are running! You are my hero :).

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