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25 weeks, 6 days. Yes this was after Thanksgiving dinner, but long enough that I do think this is my representative belly and not a turkey, potatoes and pie belly.

This is a few days late. Remember the bug Allie had over the weekend? Mama came down with it too. I stayed home today and was joined around 11 by Dada, who is now sick as well. Apparently this is going around more places than just our house. We’re kind of a sad bunch this afternoon. Right now we’re trying to get one of us up and around enough to go pick up Allie. I’m pretty sure that will end up being me. I’ve managed to eat a few bites throughout the day and I understand why Allie gets so mad when all we let her eat is applesauce and toast when she’s sick! I’m starving but pacing myself as the toast I just ate isn’t making me feel as terrible as this morning or last night, but I’m definitely not recovered.

But on to the pregnancy update…

I’ve been thinking for awhile about how much better I feel about myself this pregnancy. Its definitely helping that I’m not gaining weight as rapidly as last time, but I think my wardrobe has helped a lot too. You just feel better in nicer clothes! This outfit in this picture was all bought at Goodwill, which I didn’t discover until right at the end of my pregnancy with Allie. Between the finds I’ve gotten at Goodwill and the clothes I borrowed from my sister Jeni, I feel so much more confident about how I look right now.

Its so funny that the clothes I preferred last time are not at all what I like this time, though I think that was influenced by what I could get last time. I had all the full panel maternity pants with Allie but this time those pants make my belly itch. Most of my pants are lower waistbands and they are so much more comfy! I didn’t have any full length maternity jeans last time because maternity jeans cost like $60, and we couldn’t afford at the time (I had a couple full length pants that lasted just long enough since I wasn’t pregnant in the winter). Enter Goodwill, where a week ago I got two pairs of jeans and two shirts for only $24! Woo hoo! And I also preferred the big tent shirts last time. Now I don’t mind showing off my belly a little!

I think I have a good wardrobe now and should be good for the rest of pregnancy, except maybe for sweaters and a coat. The coat that fits me now is not warm enough. That might be a Goodwill trip. And I think I’ll have to buy a sweater or two new. The Goodwill maternity section isn’t huge… in fact I’m pretty sure the shirt I’m wearing in the picture was there the first time I went maternity shopping there a few months ago, so I don’t expect to find sweaters there.

Other than the wardrobe aspect, there hasn’t been a whole lot new in the last couple weeks. While I’m starting to doubt how much more I can run, I still do have the occasional great run. Saturday was one of those where I had the time and almost no round ligament pain and ran 5 miles on the treadmill at a bit faster than my average pace! Of course then I decided to push my luck and run again Sunday (before I got sick) and barely made it a mile because the round ligament pain was so bad. Oh well, I’ll keep running if I can still have the great ones once in awhile.

Peyton kicks a ton. He’s getting big enough that he’s starting to do the alien impersonation on my belly. I can’t believe the third trimester starts this Friday! It feels like I just got my positive test yesterday! We got our first baby boy clothes from Jeni on Thursday, but I haven’t gotten to look at them yet. We need to figure out where to put them! I want to start nesting, but its too soon for that, and we’re too busy. I don’t think we’ll do too much preparation until after the holidays are over.


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I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

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