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Hello third tri!

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So today marks the start of the third trimester and tomorrow marks three months until my due date. I can’t wait to meet my baby boy!

I’ve been feeling especially huge this week but my weight hasn’t changed much. My belly is getting in the way at my work desk. Its not too annoying yet, but I’m sure it will get worse as I get bigger. I’m not sure how I can modify my work station to remedy that. I’m not even sure if there are any resources to help me figure that out! At one time we had an ergonomic specialist here, but he retired and I don’t know if there’s someone else who can do that. It may be to my benefit to ask though.

With my run this morning, I’ve officially run through 27 weeks of pregnancy. I’m well past the point where I thought I’d still be running, so I’m thrilled with each run – even the bad ones. I changed it up this morning to start my run with a walk interval instead of running. I think that helped me warm up. Unfortunately I got really bad round ligament pain at the end. Up to now the round ligament pain has been at the beginning and gone away as I got warmed up. Perhaps this is a change or perhaps an isolated incident.

Either way, I feel like now even when its nice outside I should stay on the treadmill. If that round ligament pain I got around mile 3.5 had struck when I was out on a 5-mile route, I’d have to walk all the way home. I tried to keep running when the pain struck but while it goes away sometimes, it didn’t today. And the pain doesn’t always go away with walking. Not to mention I need to be close to the bathroom. And there’s always that fear of falling since I’m a klutz.

So treadmill it is… but treadmill or not, I’ll say again I’m still thrilled to be running.

Peyton is moving a lot, a lot more wiggly movements that tickle. I love it. I don’t remember really when things become uncomfortable, or when I needed to build up the fortress of pillows. I do remember more fatigue in the third trimester with Allie, and the frequent difficulty sleeping. I hope that doesn’t happen too much because since I’m working now, its not like I can sleep in or take a nap later to make up for it.

I had some swelling in my lower legs last night. I hope it was a one-time thing. I didn’t get swelling like that with Allie until after I gave birth. Hopefully it was just the Thanksgiving food from last week and the large amount of gatorade I drank when I was sick. I put an extra pillow under my legs while I slept last night and it went away.

Time is going so fast and I’m sure it won’t slow down as we enter the holidays. So by the time that whilewind is done, it will only be another month or two until we get to meet our Baby Peyton!


Author: Jessica

I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

One thought on “Hello third tri!

  1. I’ve actually found being able to stand up for part of the day is really helpful. I don’t have a special desk or anything – I just propped my computer monitor and keyboard up on some boxes and found a tall chair no one was using. I wonder if something like that would work for you…

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