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Scenes from Christmas

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So it figures, Dada’s been sick all week, shouldn’t Allie and Mama get sick? It seems we just have mild colds at this point, we’re just tired. But did Mama nap while Allie napped? Nope! I’m already not following the #1 rule of a new baby! We are glad, however, that Allie is napping today.

Dada is seeming better. If Mama and Allie don’t get too much worse, we may still go out and do something for New Years Eve, but probably just out to dinner and to see Christmas lights. And thats OK, we’ve been too busy lately! And there’s plenty more activity to come!

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Playing doctor


Among Allie’s Christmas presents from Santa was a play doctor’s kit. We noticed she had been playing with some doctor toys at daycare and saw the playset when we were shopping and knew she would love it. We were right!


She’s played doctor every day. She “checks out” her dolls and her Mama and Dada. That includes shots. Ouch!


She declared Baby Annie healthy. Unfortunately this week Dada hasn’t been so lucky! Poor Dada woke up with what we thought was a cold on Christmas morning. Now he has a bad cough and it seems more like he’s coming down with bronchitis or something worse. Its going to be a more low-key weekend, which I don’t mind too much. My plan for the long weekend is to get Allie going on potty training!

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Its nice to spend the holidays with family, but its also nice to be home.

We enjoyed our trip, but I think we were all ready to get home on Tuesday night. Wednesday we took the day off work, and it was much-needed! Allie slept until 9:30! Then she later took her first nap in a week in the afternoon. She slept for three hours… we had to wake her up at 5 in order to get her to bed at a decent hour (it didn’t work though, I guess she was still in vacation mode… put her to bed just before 8 and she was awake until close to 8:45!).

It was a busy day for sure. There was a lot of stuff to unpack and put away, various food we acquired, presents and their associated garbage, laundry to do, groceries to buy, picking up the dog. I’m not sure how we would have managed if we hadn’t taken the day off work. But in a way it was also nice to go back to work this morning.

When Allie got up at 9:30, we got some doughnuts for breakfast and then went to the Christmas tree, where Santa had made a special visit on Christmas night instead of Christmas Eve since we weren’t home! Allie loves all her gifts from Santa. I’m not sure I could even determine which one is her favorite as she’s playing with everything equally. Its always nice when that happens! I will be posting some pictures eventually, I promise!

A highlight of Mama’s day was unpacking and putting away my new cookware! I picked it out in early November but didn’t get to keep it until Christmas. Its a really nice Cuisinart set to replace my old ancient cookware! Everything I had was old when my parents gave it to me when I moved into my first apartment in college, which was at least 10 years ago. It definitely got good use! I had to throw away most of the old stuff because it was in too bad condition to keep using, but I am donating some that is still in good shape.

I found odd enjoyment in reorganizing the cabinets to accomodate my new cookware. The inaugural meal was our mini Christmas dinner. I made some mashed potatoes in one of the new sauce pans.

Now we’re moving on to new years… I can’t believe that this year only has five days remaining! The new year is putting us a little closer to meeting Baby Peyton. Now that the holidays are over, we need to start getting ourselves ready for his arrival. It was crazy to me last week thinking I was so close to 30 weeks… now I’m crazy again that tomorrow is 31! The time is going by so quickly, I think each Friday is going to be even more surreal to me. I just hope the time doesn’t slow down too much now that the holidays are over, since I’m getting into the uncomfortable part of pregnancy.

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30 weeks


30 weeks, and Peyton and I have gone on quite a growth spurt the last few days! Shirts that fit a few days ago are shorter, pants are tighter. Its not a great time for my clothes to stop fitting when we’re traveling!

I’m having more difficulty breathing that I think can be attributed to Peyton taking up more room as well as moving up closer to my lungs and ribs. Its been worse at night for some reason. Some amount of the difficulty is probably from acid reflux too, which I’ve been aggravating by eating and drinking more trigger foods/drinks. That hasn’t been too bad though.

In Carterville today it’s 60 degrees! Whereas at home the temp is a balmy 23. So I took advantage with an outdoor run! I stopped running outside awhile ago, but with temps in the 60s in late December, I HAD to run outside! I found a run tracking app for my phone that wasn’t very good. It said I ran about 8 miles in 48 minutes! I managed to map my run and found the more accurate total to be about 3.25 miles. These likely were my last miles to be logged until about next April! I’m pretty sure I’m throwing in the towel.

I’m satisfied with how I ran during pregnancy. I wasn’t even sure I’d run my half marathon in October. I did that and kept going! I would have liked to run through 40 weeks, but I knew realistically that probably wouldn’t happen. I’m absolutely thrilled I ran through 30 weeks! Now I need to make a workout plan for the next 10 weeks.

My weight gain is more than it should be, but less than with Allie. So I need to keep up the exercise to try and minimize my total weight gain.

How am I already 30 weeks? Wasn’t it the other day we were counting down to the 20-week ultrasound? Time is going so fast. After Christmas we’re really going to start getting ready for Peyton’s arrival. He’s going to be here so soon!

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Meeting Santa


Today Allie finally got to see Santa! She got all dressed up and in spite of some initial nervousness, Allie sat on his lap and told him she wants a baby doll for Christmas. The elf snapped this cute picture when she was talking to him. I love it!

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New hair-do


Today we finally did it… Mama and Dada finally bit the bullet and got Allie a haircut. Her hair was so long and pretty, when it was clean and brushed. Problem was that it never stayed brushed for long. So after several months going back and forth, we got Allie’s second official haircut (there was an unofficial one at daycare, courtesy of someone else).

We had a hard time getting her to sit for the haircut. She ended up on Mama’s lap and only sat still when offered a candy cane.

Its really a pretty simple cut. She got bangs again and probably about 2 or 3 inches off. But so far it doesn’t seem as unruly and we don’t need to keep hair pretties in it all the time! Her hair still has the curl we love so much. The test will come when her hair gets dirty,the biggest problem before was it got so frizzy!

I’m posting from my phone this week and didn’t get a picture of the result. I will try to get one this weekend and definitely post one when we get home. She’s such a cutie with her new haircut!

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Ahhh, winter

Winter hasn’t made much of an appearance yet. I usually expect the first major storm to come around my birthday. We did get some snow the night of my birthday, only about an inch. I think thats all the snow we’ve gotten this season so far.

So OF COURSE the first major snowstorm of the year is predicted for Wednesday night/Thursday, when we were planning on traveling to southern Illinois Thursday! Isn’t that the way Christmas travel is supposed to be?

I suppose I can be happy that in the five or so years we’ve traveled at Christmas time, this actually is the first time weather has become a factor. And we’ve been able to change our plans to leave on Wednesday afternoon instead of Thursday. I’m glad we have that flexibility because I’m reading it could become blizzard conditions here Thursday, so I’d be doubtful we could easily leave town on Friday.

So now we’ve been scrambling to get ready for our big trip a day earlier than planned. We were able to change our kennel reservation for Monk. I’ve got the OK to leave work early and Doug already had the day off. Doug luckily has been able to get a lot of stuff done in preparation for the trip.

We’re driving down to Bloomington Wednesday night and spending the night in a hotel. We were planning on doing this Thursday as well, but staying in Champaign to see my friend Desiree that night. We can’t leave early enough to get to Champaign Wednesday though, so we had to reschedule seeing Desiree a little bit.

We’ve scoured the weather forecast and are pretty sure that if we leave Madison around 2 tomorrow and get to Bloomington, we should be out of the snow’s reach. There are predictions for snow around the Bloomington region, but it seems like it will be minor. So we’ll take our time Thursday morning, or we’ll try to high tail it out of there quick!

This should be an interesting trip… between having a 3-year-old and an almost-30-week preggo, I’ve been pondering which one of us will need to stop more! I’m guessing it will be me as my kidneys are definitely functioning well later in pregnancy.

Oh and bonus, we got a little precursor snowfall today, Doug is currently on his way to get me and is nowhere close even though he left a half hour ago… you know the whole people forgetting how to drive when there’s a little snow phenomenon. Oh and I think I heard something about snow on Christmas Eve/Day, so that could end up affecting our trip home? 

Ahhh, winter.