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Just in time for our sixth Christmas in our house, yesterday we finally bought some mantle clips so we can finally hang our stockings by the chimney with care!

033This is fun because when we were kids we didn’t have a fireplace in our house, so our stockings were just laid out on the couch with our other presents from Santa. The house we moved to when I was in high school had a fireplace, but I can’t remember if we actually hung up the stocking then or not… but I don’t think we did.

In addition to the clips, we also bought Dada a new stocking because he didn’t have one! His is the red snowman one. I need to figure out how to write his name on it. Santa needs to know who’s stocking it is so he knows what to put in it!


Allie was very excited to get Dada a stocking and to hang them up. She insisted I find Monk’s stocking. We didn’t want to leave anyone out! Side note, I need to update the pictures we have on the mantle. All the ones there now are still from when Allie was six months old!

Since we have a proper hangers now, this year we’re also going to actually put things in the stockings, but I don’t know what. Any ideas?


I bought the kit for Peyton’s stocking last weekend. I cross stitched Allie’s stocking and started it well before I was pregnant with her. I finally finished it a few days before her first Christmas. It takes me a long time to finish my cross stitch projects, so I figured I better get it started with the clock counting down 13 months until Peyton’s first Christmas! That might not be enough time.


The section I’ve stitched so far is Santa’s coat along with part of his beard and the snowman’s coat. Since I took this picture I finished Santa’s pockets (the sections under the bow and the candy cane) and more of Santa’s beard, though the beard is too light to see in this picture. I’ve made a lot of progress so far and looking at it, you might think I’ll get it don’t really quick. But while I’m very focused on it right now, its likely at some point I’ll ignore it for a couple months too. Its very detailed. I’ll have a lot of stitching to do for the big sky!

I love our holiday traditions and we’re making up new ones each year. Its really important to me to make my kids’ stockings and I love working on Peyton’s!


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