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Winter hasn’t made much of an appearance yet. I usually expect the first major storm to come around my birthday. We did get some snow the night of my birthday, only about an inch. I think thats all the snow we’ve gotten this season so far.

So OF COURSE the first major snowstorm of the year is predicted for Wednesday night/Thursday, when we were planning on traveling to southern Illinois Thursday! Isn’t that the way Christmas travel is supposed to be?

I suppose I can be happy that in the five or so years we’ve traveled at Christmas time, this actually is the first time weather has become a factor. And we’ve been able to change our plans to leave on Wednesday afternoon instead of Thursday. I’m glad we have that flexibility because I’m reading it could become blizzard conditions here Thursday, so I’d be doubtful we could easily leave town on Friday.

So now we’ve been scrambling to get ready for our big trip a day earlier than planned. We were able to change our kennel reservation for Monk. I’ve got the OK to leave work early and Doug already had the day off. Doug luckily has been able to get a lot of stuff done in preparation for the trip.

We’re driving down to Bloomington Wednesday night and spending the night in a hotel. We were planning on doing this Thursday as well, but staying in Champaign to see my friend Desiree that night. We can’t leave early enough to get to Champaign Wednesday though, so we had to reschedule seeing Desiree a little bit.

We’ve scoured the weather forecast and are pretty sure that if we leave Madison around 2 tomorrow and get to Bloomington, we should be out of the snow’s reach. There are predictions for snow around the Bloomington region, but it seems like it will be minor. So we’ll take our time Thursday morning, or we’ll try to high tail it out of there quick!

This should be an interesting trip… between having a 3-year-old and an almost-30-week preggo, I’ve been pondering which one of us will need to stop more! I’m guessing it will be me as my kidneys are definitely functioning well later in pregnancy.

Oh and bonus, we got a little precursor snowfall today, Doug is currently on his way to get me and is nowhere close even though he left a half hour ago… you know the whole people forgetting how to drive when there’s a little snow phenomenon. Oh and I think I heard something about snow on Christmas Eve/Day, so that could end up affecting our trip home? 

Ahhh, winter.


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