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30 weeks, and Peyton and I have gone on quite a growth spurt the last few days! Shirts that fit a few days ago are shorter, pants are tighter. Its not a great time for my clothes to stop fitting when we’re traveling!

I’m having more difficulty breathing that I think can be attributed to Peyton taking up more room as well as moving up closer to my lungs and ribs. Its been worse at night for some reason. Some amount of the difficulty is probably from acid reflux too, which I’ve been aggravating by eating and drinking more trigger foods/drinks. That hasn’t been too bad though.

In Carterville today it’s 60 degrees! Whereas at home the temp is a balmy 23. So I took advantage with an outdoor run! I stopped running outside awhile ago, but with temps in the 60s in late December, I HAD to run outside! I found a run tracking app for my phone that wasn’t very good. It said I ran about 8 miles in 48 minutes! I managed to map my run and found the more accurate total to be about 3.25 miles. These likely were my last miles to be logged until about next April! I’m pretty sure I’m throwing in the towel.

I’m satisfied with how I ran during pregnancy. I wasn’t even sure I’d run my half marathon in October. I did that and kept going! I would have liked to run through 40 weeks, but I knew realistically that probably wouldn’t happen. I’m absolutely thrilled I ran through 30 weeks! Now I need to make a workout plan for the next 10 weeks.

My weight gain is more than it should be, but less than with Allie. So I need to keep up the exercise to try and minimize my total weight gain.

How am I already 30 weeks? Wasn’t it the other day we were counting down to the 20-week ultrasound? Time is going so fast. After Christmas we’re really going to start getting ready for Peyton’s arrival. He’s going to be here so soon!

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Author: Jessica

I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

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