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This is getting old

On the eve of my ninth month, I have this to say: This is getting old.

There, I said it. I haven’t complained much. I haven’t had much reason to complain really. But I’m ready to be done. I’m ready to meet my baby boy! I’m ready to get my body back. I’m ready to take a break from work. I even feel like my house is ready. So Peyton, I suppose you should wait until next week… the magical 37th week when you’re deemed, “full term.” But really, you can make your appearance any time after that!

I’m hungry all. the. time. But its strange because this isn’t always true at home. At work, however, its true every day. I remember a time when my appetite toned down a bit while I was pregnant with Allie. Not this time. But I’m starving when I’m at work sitting on my butt all day… not when I’m at home moving furniture and doing other chores that make me go up and down stairs… which is super hard lately. And I swear my hunger is getting worse. I bring about the same amount of food to work every day, and this week it hasn’t been enough!

Of course that makes me reeeally look forward to my weigh-in at tomorrow’s appointment. Earlier this week I was up 5 pounds in only a week and a half. I’d adopted the attitude that my body is going to do whatever it wants… but this is ridiculous.

I guess today is just a cranky day. I haven’t been super motivated at work lately. Its been that way for awhile… I don’t really know why. And I doubt that will get any better as I get closer to my six-week vacation. Now my right wrist hurts, enough that I’ve been wearing my wrist brace at work. My chair is uncomfortable, has been for awhile. Tomorrow is the first of weekly doctor’s appointments, so I have to work extra time to make up for the time missed when I’m at the doctor. Since I’m weekly now, this is going to be every week I have to work late a few days. And of course today I’m working late, and cranky, so of course it makes sense that traffic is bad and its taking Doug an excessively long time to get here to pick me up. So he’s cranky too.

But at least tomorrow is finally Friday. And I will get to leave work early! And if it seems apparent that Peyton is still breech, I may get an ultrasound to officially check. So it will be fun to see him again one more time when I didn’t expect to see him again until his birth. So here’s hoping tomorrow won’t be a cranky day. But cranky day or not, I still hope Peyton will get here soon!

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Nesting the second time around

The chair and dresser are where the couch used to be. We'll eventually get rid of the chair, but for now we just switched the chair with the couch. This room will be rearranged further when we get Allie's toddler bed.

The chair and dresser are where the couch used to be. We’ll eventually get rid of the chair, but for now we just switched the chair with the couch. This room will be rearranged further when we get Allie’s toddler bed.

Allie's dresser turned out OK, but the way it was put together made it difficult to get all even. Its a good thing its a kid's dresser because it just isn't super great quality.

Allie’s dresser turned out OK, but the way it was put together made it difficult to get all even. Its a good thing its a kid’s dresser because it just isn’t super great quality.

We had to do the most rearranging here... the white dresser was where the couch now sits, the brown dresser was where the white one is and the old arm chair was where the brown dresser is. We actually really like this arrangement so far, except that the TV is down lower.

We had to do the most rearranging here… the white dresser was where the couch now sits, the brown dresser was where the white one is and the old arm chair was where the brown dresser is. We actually really like this arrangement so far, except that the TV is down lower.

The corner back by the closet is where Monk used to sleep, but is now where Peyton will sleep, at least until good sleeping patterns are established. Its a bit darker in that corner, which will be helpful. We still haven't settled on Monk's new sleeping space though.

The corner back by the closet is where Monk used to sleep, but is now where Peyton will sleep, at least until good sleeping patterns are established. Its a bit darker in that corner, which will be helpful. We still haven’t settled on Monk’s new sleeping space though.

We got so much done this weekend! I had been feeling anxious because I am getting closer to Peyton’s due date and I didn’t feel like had gotten enough done to feel comfortable.

Well, that’s all changed now! Here’s what we did…

I took a “sick” day on Thursday to start getting things done. The main thing I accomplished that day was get Allie’s dresser, minus the drawers, put together.

-Started washing baby clothes
-Cleaned out closet and dresser, loaded up three trash bags full of stuff to donate to Goodwill
-Put away all clothes that were laying all over the room
-Cooked a real dinner for the first time in awhile… yes this is note worthy because I haven’t been doing this much lately and I was tired that day!

Sunday… this is where the fun happened
-Finished putting together Allie’s new dresser
-Moved furniture around upstairs to get the couch out of Allie’s room and into our room (this was a ton of work!)
-Vacuumed both bedrooms as we were moving things around, even moved some stuff that won’t be moved
-Made a birthday cake for Dada (from a mix, I probably couldn’t have made it from scratch with how tired I was!)
-Moved Allie’s clothes into her new dresser
-Put away the two loads of laundry I washed for Peyton

Doug and I were both so tired by the time we were done! I was working on something almost continuously for almost 12 hours yesterday. My body hurt and I felt like I was getting a break by going to work today. But this was well worth it! We got way more done this weekend than I expected.

I feel a lot better about where we are now! There aren’t too many things left that we need to do before Peyton could come home. Off the top of my head the most important items are to put the car seat in the car and set up the pack ‘n’ play in our bedroom, niether of which will take too much time. Other tasks are to finish organizing his clothes, get Allie’s toddler bed set up (we’re getting one from a friend at work) and get rid of more stuff to Goodwill to organize the closets and basement so we have some more storage space. The house didn’t seem this small when we bought it six years ago!

Nesting the second time around is just as satisfying, but not quite as much fun! Since we only have two bedrooms, I don’t get to design another nursery. But there have been fun parts, like putting Peyton’s clothes into his dresser. I really want to add some decorations to the room for Peyton. I want to paint letters of his name like I did for Allie and hopefully some other wall art. I put up a few things on the wall from when I was a baby and gave Allie a few blankets I had when I was a baby, so I feel kind of bad I don’t have anything else from when I was a baby to give Peyton! I’m glad at least that the room itself isn’t decorated too girly. The Goodnight Moon theme works just as well for a boy, I think.

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New stove!

Good bye old stove!
And hello new stove!

Yesterday afternoon, I finally got what I’ve wanted for most of the six years we’ve lived in this house… a new stove! This house is 17 years old now and if that old stove wasn’t original to the house, it must have been close. This stove’s one big burner stopped working not long after we moved in here. The other front burner never really worked at full capacity. More recently, something melted all over the burner that was the oven vent and I never figured out how to clean it up.

I’ve wanted a new stove practically since we moved in here. A few times we were about to buy one but then something else came up. Finally something didn’t come up!

I did discover something weird though, the counter on one side of the stove is lower than the counter on the other side. I think the old stove must have been lined up with the higher side, which isn’t how this one was lined up. Too bad I didn’t think to ask them to line it up that way. I was a bit disappointed, until I put all the normal stuff back on the counter and found that you can’t really tell, which may be why I never noticed before. The installer did check that the stove is level and it is. It doesn’t really look that bad and doesn’t affect my pretty new stove!

We now have modern conveniences such as a digital clock/timer (the old stove had a buzzer timer and no clock), an oven light that works, a window to see inside the oven as well as four working burners! Doug and I even tested them and they all heated up quickly! I’m excited for easier and quicker cooking! Something interesting that I’ll have to look into is a high/low temperature broiler option.

The first meal made on the new stove was tuscan pasta with sausage. Its so pretty using my new cookware on my new shiny stove! And it was so nice using a big burner! The recipe also used the oven, so I got to try everything!

Today I’m going to do some baking, a birthday cake for Doug, who’s birthday was on Thursday. I can’t wait!

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Soccer in the winter

Allie had been looking forward to playing soccer in the winter for weeks… but this morning an hour before it was going to start, she changed her mind. We have no idea what happened, but she insisted she didn’t want to play soccer. I finally convinced her to go… by letting her wear this dress!

So we went and Allie liked watching the kids play in the class before hers. At the beginning of the class the kids just got to kick around the soccer balls for awhile, and Allie seemed to like that, when Mama and Dada were with her.

014 029 028 022 021 019 016
Right as the class was actually starting, she decided she didn’t want to do it. So we watched on the sidelines. There were a few times when balls got close that she’d go kick them. Maybe its just too soon to have Allie do an activity like this… but its paid for. We’ll keep going and hopefully she will warm up to it and participate in the class. She seemed excited about the soccer at home tonight. I think she might have some separation anxiety that we didn’t realize or something. Hopefully we can work past it!

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Exercise at 7.5+ months

It has been one month since my last run. And for a few different reasons, I didn’t do much other exercise between then and last week. First Christmas, then I was sick and then I had my SI joint flare up.

And truth be told, I haven’t even wanted to run. Its nice to have this break and I get so worn out from other things I do that I know there would be no reason to try running. The thought of running right now seems pretty ridiculous, actually.

I finally got back to the gym last week, but its tough. I complained throughout my first pregnancy that I missed exercising the way I wanted to. I did exercise the way I wanted to up til 30 weeks, but unfortunately now its harder than I remember when I was pregnant with Allie. Or maybe I’m just mis-remembering. But I’m feeling like I want to just sit on the couch for the next five weeks instead of move. I’m hoping the problem is just getting back into working out and that I’ll feel more comfortable with it soon.

One thing I’m still really enjoying even as its getting harder is body flow. Its more of a workout than it used to be for sure. I definitely feel parts that need the stretch that body flow provides.

The elliptical wears me out. I haven’t done any walking really just because I don’t walk fast enough to feel like I’m working out. I think I might start going to body flow twice a week instead of once and then do an elliptical workout and a walk to make four workouts per week.

Of course thats subject to change. I get so sore now sometimes! And walking up the stairs at home wears me out sometimes. I think part of the discomfort is because I am carrying more of the weight in my belly this time and that belly is lower. I’m still in my second week back after basically a month off, so maybe it will get better.

I just hope I can keep making myself try! I do know that the exercise did benefit me greatly last time, even when I didn’t want to do it. But its a battle to make myself do it!

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A weekend away

Saturday night Doug and I got a special treat when Allie went to spend the night with her cousin Baby Tyler, Aunt Jeni and Uncle Dave.

We had wanted to take a babymoon to Indianapolis for a Colts game in early December. That plan went out, however, when we bought our new car. So we thought about a trip to Milwaukee or Chicago in January. But even though I could have still traveled, I didn’t really want to. So we decided to have an in-town babymoon.

This is where we stayed… that was one comfy bed!

We spent the night at the Concourse Hotel in downtown Madison, in a Governor’s Club room. The Governor’s Club is an exclusive area on the top three floors of the hotel with key-access elevators and a private lounge. This was our view:


It wasn’t the greatest view in the middle of the winter, but still awesome! The bathroom:


I want a shower like this one! We also had super comfy robes to use, and I LOVED the huge towels!

One more of the hotel:

We got there early so we could enjoy the hotel. We made ourselves comfortable.


The private lounge had cocktails, hors d’oeuvres, dessert and continental breakfast. The dessert was a little underwelming, but it was still nice. The view from the lounge:

Our plans for the night were simple, but we know they will be harder to come by in a few weeks. Dinner and a movie. A nice dinner and a movie. We made reservations at Johnny Delmonico’s, where we had amazing steaks that were definitely worth the price. Then we went to see Broken City, which we did like, though it maybe wasn’t quite as good as we expected.

Saturday was the night our artic blast came in. When we got to the movie theater around 7 the thermometer in the car said 41… when we came out two and a half hours later it said 19! Yikes! We figured out how to do the remote start… a great thing to have when its that cold! The wind was really howling outside our 11th floor window. When we got back from the movie we ended up doing the valet parking, which was awesome! I’d never done that before.

Sunday morning was just a nice lazy morning… we woke up by ourselves, instead of to a chorus of “mama dada” through the baby monitor. We didn’t have to watch “My Little Pony,” which we made up for today. We just made some coffee and sat in bed for awhile and then leisurely got up to get ready for breakfast and check out. The continental breakfast was really good and then it was out to Babies ‘R’ Us for some shopping. The highlight of the trip was getting two diaper bags… one for Peyton that is way better than the cheap one we got three years ago for Allie, and a second, smaller one for Allie to finally replace that old cheap one from three years ago! We picked up a few other essentials, but I also realized how much stuff I still needed to find at home and figure out what can be reused or what needs to be replaced. We’ll have a few more trips in the next weeks I’m sure! The main purchase was going to be a car seat, but when they didn’t have one we liked in the store, we decided to take up Aunt Jeni’s offer to let us use Baby Tyler’s Winnie the Pooh infant seat.

Soon after that we had lunch and then it was time to pick up the dog and head home for Dada to watch football and Mama to drive down to Rockton to pick up Allie. It was nice to have this alone time, but it was also really nice to bring Allie home. She had a great time with Baby Tyler, Aunt Jeni and Uncle Dave.

For lunch we tried to go to the Daisy Cafe & Cupcakery, after I’d read about it in the tourism book at the hotel and decided I wanted a cupcake. It was too crowded to stay for lunch, so we just got cupcakes to go.


Mine on the left is classic hot chocolate and Doug’s on the right is hot buttered rum. Per the web site, both of these are features of “winter hotties” month, “cupcakes inspired by hot drinks for cold days.” These were such a treat. Since we ended up having Mexican for lunch on Sunday, we didn’t eat our cupcakes until this afternoon… and they were so good and so rich. Its probably good we don’t live closer to a cupcakery because I might have gained even more weight in pregnancy than I have already!

Having a short in-town babymoon was perfect, especially having it on the long weekend. We got our weekend “away,” but also had today to get some things done. I finally started cleaning out the basement and took a load of stuff to Goodwill. The basement is a bit less cluttered, but there is still plenty of work to do. I need to make room in the basement for more storage and I also needed to find baby stuff to take inventory. I think I’ve found most of the supplies. I wanted to get a few other things done that didn’t get done. But I’m happy that I finally got started! We have to do a lot of de-cluttering to get the house organized and it just feels good to have it started.

The other important development of the day is I finally ordered my new stove! Its going to be delivered on Saturday. I’ve hated our current stove almost since moving into this house almost six years ago. I can’t wait to get it!

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34 weeks

So if I felt humongous two weeks ago, I feel even moreso this week!

It might just be what I’m wearing in this picture that makes me look so big. Its been weird, I remember wearing this shirt much later in my last pregnancy without it being so short.

Anyway… 34 weeks. Things are so different right now than when I was pregnant with Allie. There’s so much to do that hasn’t even been started yet. And its harder to get things done when I’m working.

I had my 34-week doctor’s appointment on Thursday. My weight is now up a total of 44 pounds, which I’m not happy about, but I’m dealing with. My belly and Peyton’s heart beat are measuring perfectly. I also got a lovely DTaP booster. Apparently a very very new recommendation is that with the prevalence of whooping cough recently, for mothers to get a booster in pregnancy to pass on immunity to the baby since the baby can’t be immunized until two months. I didn’t feel the shot going in, but I still feel it now two days later! Hopefully that soreness will go away soon. Its hard to do everything I have to do with a sore arm, but at least I got it in my left.

So everything’s fine, except that Peyton is currently breech. I found this out two weeks ago. The word is he still has time to turn. I read a little bit yesterday about what I can do to try and make him turn, and it all seems very involved and a bit scary. Right now I’m of the thought that if I have to have a c-section because of him being breech, that would be OK compared to all the crazy things I could do to try and make him turn. Is that bad? There’s all these crazy exercises like laying upside down for 15 minutes four times a day… I certainly don’t have time for that! Apparently the manual turning they try at the doctor’s office is very painful. I suppose I’ll try some of the tricks… but probably won’t be too upset with a c-section either. Its funny that I have this attitude now because I remember crying when it looked like I might need a c-section to get Allie out.

But I’ve been a bit more laid back about everything this pregnancy. I suppose thats just the way it is with #2. And its kind of been how I have to see it just because things are so different this time. I already have a kid and I’m working. The focus of getting the house ready is finding space to move around all our junk and then move furniture to fit another little person in our cramped little house. That’s not nearly as fun as designing a nursery!

We have started a few tasks, and this weekend is a long weekend with the Martin Luther King Jr birthday holiday on Monday. We’ve gotten a pack ‘n’ play and a dresser. I finally started organizing the explosion of clothes in my bedroom (clothes of various sizes have been laying around since this summer… the stuff that was too small right away, stuff thats still too big, maternity stuff thats too small now… its crazy!). The only problem is I don’t have anywhere to put these clothes, hence the reason why they’re just laying around the bedroom.

This house didn’t feel so tiny when we bought it almost six years ago!

What I really need to do is take a bunch of stuff to Goodwill to make room in our tiny basement. But that takes more time than I’ve had so far to pack things up and then load them in the car. Hopefully this weekend!

Right now I’m up after my second bathroom wake-up of the night. My brain woke up and then I got hungry. The eating in the middle of the night thing hasn’t happened nearly as much so far. The other thing that hasn’t happened a lot is swelling, though I’m having more of it in my legs lately. I’m surprised I’m still wearing my wedding ring, but there are times when its feeling very snug. I’m sure I will have to stop wearing it at some point in the next few weeks.

There are a few other things happening in my body that I don’t remember from last time that are getting uncomfortable, but I won’t mention them here. Its annoying enough at times that I do start hoping Peyton comes early… but at the same time I don’t because we aren’t nearly ready for him yet!

My back is pretty much normal after my SI joint flare up of two weeks ago. I went to the gym three times this week! It really wore me out though. I’d like to get back to going four or five times a week, but I don’t know if that will happen. I get so tired just walking up the stairs in the house. And my legs really don’t like working out that much, at least they haven’t this week.  It got better as I went along though, so hopefully that will continue improving. My legs are pretty sore right now, as they have been each morning after a workout this week. My weight is now up 44 pounds, and I was hoping to top out at 40 this time. So now my goal is to control things enough to end up at 50… But I’m kind of at a point though now where I’m getting a little indifferent to that too.

We’ve got a busy but also fun weekend coming up and its just about 5 a.m. Saturday. I’ve been up for almost an hour now… hopefully I can go back to sleep for a couple more hours!