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2012 was a good year and we have plenty to be excited for in 2013!

I started a new job in December 2011 in unemployment tax collections. I worked in that position as a project for five months until I was hired to the permanent position in May 2012. I worked for the state as a project for two and a half years and it doesn’t really count for anything. The time I worked doesn’t count for seniority. It wasn’t the ideal situation to work as a project. I lost accumulated sick leave when I switched from my first job in UI support services to tax collections, and I lost my sick leave again when I moved from project to permanent. I’d be in a better spot for more maternity leave if I hadn’t lost all that sick time, but its more important that I have the permanent job. The project position was basically a contract with an end date. Now I’m confident I’ll keep this job as long as I want to keep it.

January 2013 marks four years since I was laid off from my job at the newspaper and three years since I started working for the state. This is now the job I’ve had the longest in my professional career. I worked at The Southern Illinoisan for two years and 11 months and the Wisconsin State Journal for two years and almost nine months. I concede now that the State Journal wasn’t really a good place for me, but I’m glad I worked there. It got us to Madison and into my current job and our current family dynamic! And not only have I worked in the same place for three years, I even managed to get a promotion and a raise! Unfortunately working for the state I don’t know when or if I’ll get another raise… but I’m choosing to be optimistic!

2012 was a good year for running. It started out a bit slow as I had my yearly bout with sickness and battling the cold. But I picked it up and eventually made it into my best running ever as I prepared for the Cellcom Green Bay Half Marathon in May. It was just unfortunate that the race ended up being so unseasonably hot. I was on a PR pace until the heat caught up with me. I nearly broke PRs more than once through the first part of the year. I didn’t lose my motivation after Green Bay like I did after my May half in 2011. I continued getting faster going into June and ran 100.6 miles, what I’d thought would be the first of several 100-mile months in 2012.

June 30, I ran an incredible 9-miler on that Saturday morning. I was transitioning into getting ready for the Madison Mini Marathon in August. It had already been hard running for a few weeks as the drought started. It was cool that morning though, and I ran the whole way feeling great. I didn’t even need to use my fuel I’d taken along! On that run, I was preoccupied with what I would end up doing later that afternoon… taking a pregnancy test. In the middle of the day, the line showed up fast. I was already nearly 5 weeks pregnant! I had been keeping track of my cycles, but something in my charting had been off and that month’s chart didn’t yield my correct ovulation date. Thus, it was a bit of a surprise!

I had run a 5K a couple weeks before that was mostly on trails, and nearly broken my PR. I know I would have done it if it had been on roads and without a giant hill that we had to go up twice. Then I ran the 5K on July 4. I usually liked to run the 10K for that race, but it had been so hot I decided the 5K would be better. I had signed up before I knew of my pregnancy, and I was right. That race was hot. I again started out on PR pace, but the heat and my new knowledge of the little one made me slow down. I conceded in July it will be a few years before I can think about beating PRs again. I kept running, though I did have to take a brief break as I dealt with what I thought were asthma issues, but what ended up being diagnosed as acid reflux. I also had to expected first trimester fatigue. But I did run a respectable 77.6 miles that month. I decided it was too hot and I’d missed too much running to do the Madision Mini.

I wasn’t going to race pregnant, but I needed the motivation to keep running. With Doug’s support I decided to sign up for a fall half marathon and picked the Haunted Hustle in Middleton Oct. 13. I was still running well, though using run-walk intervals. Since I had run 9 miles the day of my pregnancy test, I didn’t have to add too many miles to train for the half. It became challenging as the race drew closer. The timing of the race wasn’t great, but that was the race that worked with our calendar and budget, though it was the day after I hit 20 weeks. The common pelvic pain started around 17 weeks, but was remedied with a support belt. I wasn’t sure I’d start the race, but I did! And then my goal was simply to finish in under 3 hours… which I did! My time of 2:51:34 wasn’t even my slowest! See my full report here.

After the half, I wanted to keep up my running enough to run the turkey trot on Thanksgiving Day. I kept up my running, but wasn’t able to do the race as Allie got sick. As October and November went by, running was becoming more difficult. But even on Thanksgiving, I thought I still had plenty of miles left in me. But things became uncomfortable more quickly than I expected. My initial mileage goal for 2012 had been 900. I dropped it to 800 when I found out about my pregnancy. I slowly realized I wouldn’t make that goal, but thought I’d get to 775. I ended my preggo running days with an outside run on Dec. 23 at 30 weeks, 2 days. It was slow and uncomfortable. I said I felt like I could still run, but I was lying. I couldn’t run anymore. My pelvis felt after my last few runs like how it felt after my half marathon. That was after 3 miles vs. 13.1.

I would have liked to run through 40 weeks, but I figured that wasn’t realistic. I stopped trying to run around 18 weeks when I was pregnant with Allie, so 30 weeks is just incredible to me! I logged a total of 750.4 miles in 2012, 464.3 of those pregnant… more than half! My mile total is still more than I logged in 2011. I think thats pretty neat since I was pregnant half the year! I was getting faster and hopefully will get back to it sometime around mid-year and keep improving.

Running has made a huge difference to me in this pregnancy. Of course, knowing what not to do eating-wise has helped too. Now I need to keep working out for the next 8 and a half weeks! I have no idea what I weigh now. Considering my running was winding down right going into the holidays when I knew I’d be eating a lot, I stopped weighing myself at home. Hopefully my gain wasn’t too bad. I’ll find out when I go to the doctor on Thursday!

Right now I’m dealing with a cold. Things with the pregnancy are getting a bit more uncomfortable. Its a different experience this time since I was unemployed last time. But I’m feeling good overall. When I go to the doctor on Thursday, I’ll schedule all my appointments for the rest of pregnancy! I’ll have a couple biweekly appointments and then the last month will be weekly. Baby Peyton is due two months from today! Time has gone so fast between Allie’s birthday and the holidays. Now its time to get to work. I’ve been trying to do some things, cleaning and organizing. We need to figure out what we need to get for Baby Peyton, what items we can reuse and what needs to be replaced. We also need to decide what I’m doing for maternity leave and schedule the hospital tour. I need to make myself sit down and brain storm everything that needs to be done because I’m sure I haven’t thought of everything!

Hopefully no year will be as bad as 2009. This year will have plenty of change for our family, but we’re so excited to see what happens!


Author: Jessica

I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

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