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Oh boy!

When I was pregnant with Allie, I didn’t understand why so many pregnant women got so cranky and tried so hard to make their babies come early. I wasn’t too uncomfortable until a few days before giving birth. Well, I’ve had a few changes this time that make me understand better how women can try some crazy old wives’ tales to make baby come early!

Thursday I had the worst flare-up of my SI joint dysfunction, probably ever. It was even worse overall than the issue was when I first started going to the chiropractor a few years ago in the first place. I don’t know if it was something I specifically did on Thursday or if this was just building over a period of time or if its simply because of how Peyton is sitting. But by mid-morning Thursday I couldn’t stand, sit, walk, do much of anything without terrible back pain. I had driven that day so I made a quick chiropractor appointment and have been working on recovery since. Its improving, but still definitely not great. Hopefully it will improve and it will not be like this the next eight weeks!

I guess I’m not surprised. The pre-existing condition was a leftover from my first pregnancy. And I’m carrying differently this time. Peyton’s lower and my weight gain has mostly been in my belly, as opposed to all over last time. The few days before this happened, my belly was feeling heavier in general. So I’m wearing my support belt most of the time now and while it was great for running, its not super comfortable for sitting long periods.

Oh, and I’m banned from exercise at the moment. I feared when I stopped running that I’d stop working out. Unfortunately, between Christmas, a cold and now my back, that’s what’s happening!

But yeah, if this is how my body is going to be the next eight weeks, I might be looking into some of those old wives’ tales!

We went to the doctor Thursday and everything is looking good! In spite of my holiday weight gain, the belly is measuring perfectly. My weight is up a total of 41 pounds, which is a bit disappointing because I was hoping I’d total 40 for the whole pregnancy. But I still feel confident I’m not going to gain 65 pounds again!

I met one of the other doctors in my clinic and she said Peyton is head up right now. I’m not too worried because he still has plenty of room and plenty of time to flip around, and I feel like he flips around a lot! This kid is definitely a mover. I had always theorized that he was head down, based on where I felt the strongest kicks. But I was wrong and now that I know, it makes sense considering how hard it is for me to bend when he nestles himself up in my ribs. Between his nestling in my ribs and my back issue, Dada is on shoe-tying duty now!

I’m starting to feel more self-conscious. But I think it has a lot to do with the fact that I wasn’t working when I was pregnant with Allie. I wasn’t out with people. I feel funny walking around the office with my big belly, but its just me, its not like anyone makes any comments. I know that time is coming though!

I also feel humongous. But I’m measuring right on and looking at the picture, I suppose I’m not that super huge… yet. I think my belly just looks different since I’ve gained everything there. Smaller non-maternity jeans still fit, though I’ve stopped wearing them because I don’t want to risk ripping them out and regular waist bands are really uncomfortable now. Since I’m carrying lower, my shirts from last time don’t fit and I’m depending heavily on layering with tank tops. I’m also very appreciative of the bigger maternity pants my sister Jeni gave me!

Another interesting I realized yesterday is I’ve had very little, if any swelling this time around. In a recent conversation I realized I don’t remember when I had to stop wearing my wedding ring last time, I’m pretty sure it was before I hit 32 weeks. And I had my ring resized smaller last summer too. Of course, this could change tomorrow, I realize! I’m sure it helps that fingers don’t swell as much in the winter.

With the holiday season done, and since my exercise has also wound down, we’re making more of an effort at eating better. I would like to curb the weight gain! I’m hoping at least that if I gained all the weight in the belly that I can lose it more easily this time.

Less than two months to go! It keeps going by so fast. We’re getting to crunch time for sure. I’ve taken care of two important tasks already. We’ve signed up for the hospital tour and we’re decided on maternity leave. I’ll be taking six weeks with two days a week unpaid, in order to save some of my paid leave for later in the year. While I’d like to take eight weeks, I just don’t think we can quite afford that. Plus, I do remember feeling a little stir crazy around six weeks with Allie. I still need to turn in my paperwork and get it approved.

In the next few weeks we need to figure out what stuff we still need to get and also figure out how to move our house around to fit another human being into it! This little human being is going to take up a lot of room! And he’s also going to take a lot of rearrangements. We need to fit another bed and dresser in Allie’s room.

And I need to start referring to that room as the kids’ room instead of just Allie’s room! I’m a little sad that we just have two bedrooms, so I don’t get to design a room for Peyton like I did for Allie. But luckily the decoration in Allie’s room is neutral enough that it will be OK for him. Her room decor is about the only thing thats neutral enough for him to share!


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