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Progress on the potty!

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We’ve started and stopped a few times on potty training. My goal was to not have two kids in diapers if I can help it. We’d been talking about it with Allie but didn’t really push it for awhile, sometimes out of laziness. Over new years weekend I figured we could get into it more since we were home for a few days.

It didn’t seem to go well at first. She seemed receptive… we colored a sticker chart. Sunday evening she wore undies and we told her at certain intervals it was time to use the potty. She didn’t go and then had an accident and wasn’t too excited about it after that. I was frustrated, but Doug talked me out of it and we remembered we just need to wait for her. We didn’t do anything on Monday. Tuesday she got really excited about it and was asking to go a lot. She was really wound up and I think she just wanted M&Ms. I tried to be patient, but that evening didn’t go well.

So Doug and I just stopped worrying about it for the week. She did a little at daycare through the week. Had a couple accidents. I’m not sure she actually went in the potty.

Sunday, unexpectedly before her nap, Allie asked to go use the potty. Her diaper was already wet, but it felt like she had just peed. I tried to explain to her that if she felt like she was going to pee to ask to go to the potty before she does. Well, later after her nap, she asked to go again. There was a teeny wet spot on the diaper… and she peed in the potty! We made a huge deal out of it… it was a huge deal after all. It was the first time she got a sticker on her chart and TWO M&Ms! She still wore the diaper though. We decided to try again before she went to bed and she went again!

Then tonight she pooped in the potty! Now that took awhile. Its the first time she’s pooped in the potty at home though. Then she wore undies and peed in the potty later too!

We started the sticker chart with a goal of five stickers, after which she gets a Hershey’s kiss. As we progress we’ll increase the number of stickers and change the rewards up a little. Allie really likes stickers, so this is a good treat for her.

Maybe we won’t have two kids in diapers after all! Of course, we’re still trying to stay really relaxed about it. But it sure seems like something has clicked for Allie. She gets so excited when she gets two M&Ms. She still tries more than necessary sometimes in order to get M&Ms. But I think for the most part, she is actually asking to go when she needs to go. Yay!


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One thought on “Progress on the potty!

  1. Yay for Allie! Sounds like she’s really ready now.

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