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I am so happy to report that a week later, my body is feeling more normal again. I’m finally getting over the cold that wouldn’t go away (though still hacking a bit) and my back is a closer to normal too! Its not like it was before, but I’m just happy its not like it was last week!

I’ve felt like I could work out, but decided to skip it a few more days because just becoming more active in chores at home has been quite a workout. I even think I was walking differently when my back hurt so bad because I had some weird leg and other muscle fatigue yesterday. Hopefully that will pass. I’m hoping to get a workout in this weekend if I have time.

Last week I was so cranky and was starting to hope Peyton would come early. Today my outlook is much better and I wouldn’t mind too much if he waits awhile longer… except that I just want to meet him, of course!

I’m 33 weeks today! Wow, time is flying. And while I thought time would slow down after the holidays, its still moving really fast. We should be able to start working on some stuff for Peyton this weekend, so hopefully I won’t feel too anxious once we get started. Our list is mostly made up of the things we need to buy and rearranging our upstairs to fit another bed and dresser in the kids room. Luckily I can contribute to the efforts since I’ve mostly regained my mobility.


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I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

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