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006It was a mostly fun and producted weekend. Saturday night Grandma and Grandpa Swanson came to our house for dinner. I enjoyed making a great dinner of weeknight coq au vin, haricots verts (green beans with toasted garlic), french bread and impossibly easy cheesecake for dessert. It took me only a little longer to make everything than the recipe indicated. I like cooking for other people, I wish I could do it more often! But maybe not while pregnant… my legs were so sore after I finished cooking and they stayed sore the next day too.

The coq au vin is a recipe I first made a couple months ago that I got from my food network desk calendar. Of course I couldn’t find the sheet I had with the recipe, but I found it online! Its deemed weeknight because it supposed to be faster… well I don’t make it on a weeknight! Anyway, I found the recipe for the green beans after searching and searching for a French side dish! And I was thinking for so long about what to make for dessert that was a little more than just a cake or cookies and finally thought of the cheesecake. My parents gave me a Bisquick cookbook I think after I moved into my first apartment in college. That was the first one and I think there are a bunch now. Its great! Anyway, Doug and I really love that cheesecake, but for whatever reason I hadn’t made it in a few years! Its so easy to throw together, its mixed in a blender. And the sour cream topping adds just the right sweetness.

So we had a great dinner together and Allie enjoyed having her grandparents at the house. Then unfortunately Sunday morning Allie got sick! She was sick in the morning but made what we thought was a miraculous recovery in the afternoon.

Unfortunately, by later in the evening she was sick again. It was one of the more heartbreaking sick episodes too because for the first time ever, she was aware of what was going on and told us she didn’t feel good. She looked so miserable and we couldn’t do anything about it! After laying on the couch for awhile, she finished the evening cuddling with Dada.

She stayed home from daycare Monday and luckily is now fine. It seems, so far at least, that Mama and Dada are not going to catch it this time, which makes Mama cautiously optimistic that our house is all healthy again! Hopefully we can stay that way for awhile.

I didn’t start any of the organizing I wanted to do on Sunday. But I did get one important task completed, ordering a new dresser for Allie. It was a harder decision than it should have been! I ordered online from Wal-Mart and was surprised to find out that it will be delivered today! It only took three days after I ordered it and that was with regular shipping. Why pay extra for expedited shipping on anything?

The other Peyton-related accomplishment of the weekend was the purchase of  a pack ‘n’ play on Saturday. We never got one for Allie, but need it this time since Peyton will be sleeping in our room initially. We were originally going to get a car seat, but Target didn’t have the one we wanted in stock. The girl who helped us searched and found no store in the area had it in stock. She couldn’t even tell us when they might have it in stock. So I wanted to ask her… why is that one still on display? Oh well, we got a pack ‘n’ play instead and will head to Babies ‘R’ Us this weekend to get a car seat and some other essentials. They have more car seats to choose from anyway.


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I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

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  1. Thanks for sharing the link to my green beans with garlic recipe!

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