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Saturday night Doug and I got a special treat when Allie went to spend the night with her cousin Baby Tyler, Aunt Jeni and Uncle Dave.

We had wanted to take a babymoon to Indianapolis for a Colts game in early December. That plan went out, however, when we bought our new car. So we thought about a trip to Milwaukee or Chicago in January. But even though I could have still traveled, I didn’t really want to. So we decided to have an in-town babymoon.

This is where we stayed… that was one comfy bed!

We spent the night at the Concourse Hotel in downtown Madison, in a Governor’s Club room. The Governor’s Club is an exclusive area on the top three floors of the hotel with key-access elevators and a private lounge. This was our view:


It wasn’t the greatest view in the middle of the winter, but still awesome! The bathroom:


I want a shower like this one! We also had super comfy robes to use, and I LOVED the huge towels!

One more of the hotel:

We got there early so we could enjoy the hotel. We made ourselves comfortable.


The private lounge had cocktails, hors d’oeuvres, dessert and continental breakfast. The dessert was a little underwelming, but it was still nice. The view from the lounge:

Our plans for the night were simple, but we know they will be harder to come by in a few weeks. Dinner and a movie. A nice dinner and a movie. We made reservations at Johnny Delmonico’s, where we had amazing steaks that were definitely worth the price. Then we went to see Broken City, which we did like, though it maybe wasn’t quite as good as we expected.

Saturday was the night our artic blast came in. When we got to the movie theater around 7 the thermometer in the car said 41… when we came out two and a half hours later it said 19! Yikes! We figured out how to do the remote start… a great thing to have when its that cold! The wind was really howling outside our 11th floor window. When we got back from the movie we ended up doing the valet parking, which was awesome! I’d never done that before.

Sunday morning was just a nice lazy morning… we woke up by ourselves, instead of to a chorus of “mama dada” through the baby monitor. We didn’t have to watch “My Little Pony,” which we made up for today. We just made some coffee and sat in bed for awhile and then leisurely got up to get ready for breakfast and check out. The continental breakfast was really good and then it was out to Babies ‘R’ Us for some shopping. The highlight of the trip was getting two diaper bags… one for Peyton that is way better than the cheap one we got three years ago for Allie, and a second, smaller one for Allie to finally replace that old cheap one from three years ago! We picked up a few other essentials, but I also realized how much stuff I still needed to find at home and figure out what can be reused or what needs to be replaced. We’ll have a few more trips in the next weeks I’m sure! The main purchase was going to be a car seat, but when they didn’t have one we liked in the store, we decided to take up Aunt Jeni’s offer to let us use Baby Tyler’s Winnie the Pooh infant seat.

Soon after that we had lunch and then it was time to pick up the dog and head home for Dada to watch football and Mama to drive down to Rockton to pick up Allie. It was nice to have this alone time, but it was also really nice to bring Allie home. She had a great time with Baby Tyler, Aunt Jeni and Uncle Dave.

For lunch we tried to go to the Daisy Cafe & Cupcakery, after I’d read about it in the tourism book at the hotel and decided I wanted a cupcake. It was too crowded to stay for lunch, so we just got cupcakes to go.


Mine on the left is classic hot chocolate and Doug’s on the right is hot buttered rum. Per the web site, both of these are features of “winter hotties” month, “cupcakes inspired by hot drinks for cold days.” These were such a treat. Since we ended up having Mexican for lunch on Sunday, we didn’t eat our cupcakes until this afternoon… and they were so good and so rich. Its probably good we don’t live closer to a cupcakery because I might have gained even more weight in pregnancy than I have already!

Having a short in-town babymoon was perfect, especially having it on the long weekend. We got our weekend “away,” but also had today to get some things done. I finally started cleaning out the basement and took a load of stuff to Goodwill. The basement is a bit less cluttered, but there is still plenty of work to do. I need to make room in the basement for more storage and I also needed to find baby stuff to take inventory. I think I’ve found most of the supplies. I wanted to get a few other things done that didn’t get done. But I’m happy that I finally got started! We have to do a lot of de-cluttering to get the house organized and it just feels good to have it started.

The other important development of the day is I finally ordered my new stove! Its going to be delivered on Saturday. I’ve hated our current stove almost since moving into this house almost six years ago. I can’t wait to get it!


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