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Exercise at 7.5+ months

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It has been one month since my last run. And for a few different reasons, I didn’t do much other exercise between then and last week. First Christmas, then I was sick and then I had my SI joint flare up.

And truth be told, I haven’t even wanted to run. Its nice to have this break and I get so worn out from other things I do that I know there would be no reason to try running. The thought of running right now seems pretty ridiculous, actually.

I finally got back to the gym last week, but its tough. I complained throughout my first pregnancy that I missed exercising the way I wanted to. I did exercise the way I wanted to up til 30 weeks, but unfortunately now its harder than I remember when I was pregnant with Allie. Or maybe I’m just mis-remembering. But I’m feeling like I want to just sit on the couch for the next five weeks instead of move. I’m hoping the problem is just getting back into working out and that I’ll feel more comfortable with it soon.

One thing I’m still really enjoying even as its getting harder is body flow. Its more of a workout than it used to be for sure. I definitely feel parts that need the stretch that body flow provides.

The elliptical wears me out. I haven’t done any walking really just because I don’t walk fast enough to feel like I’m working out. I think I might start going to body flow twice a week instead of once and then do an elliptical workout and a walk to make four workouts per week.

Of course thats subject to change. I get so sore now sometimes! And walking up the stairs at home wears me out sometimes. I think part of the discomfort is because I am carrying more of the weight in my belly this time and that belly is lower. I’m still in my second week back after basically a month off, so maybe it will get better.

I just hope I can keep making myself try! I do know that the exercise did benefit me greatly last time, even when I didn’t want to do it. But its a battle to make myself do it!


Author: Jessica

I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

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