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Soccer in the winter

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Allie had been looking forward to playing soccer in the winter for weeks… but this morning an hour before it was going to start, she changed her mind. We have no idea what happened, but she insisted she didn’t want to play soccer. I finally convinced her to go… by letting her wear this dress!

So we went and Allie liked watching the kids play in the class before hers. At the beginning of the class the kids just got to kick around the soccer balls for awhile, and Allie seemed to like that, when Mama and Dada were with her.

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Right as the class was actually starting, she decided she didn’t want to do it. So we watched on the sidelines. There were a few times when balls got close that she’d go kick them. Maybe its just too soon to have Allie do an activity like this… but its paid for. We’ll keep going and hopefully she will warm up to it and participate in the class. She seemed excited about the soccer at home tonight. I think she might have some separation anxiety that we didn’t realize or something. Hopefully we can work past it!


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