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Good bye old stove!
And hello new stove!

Yesterday afternoon, I finally got what I’ve wanted for most of the six years we’ve lived in this house… a new stove! This house is 17 years old now and if that old stove wasn’t original to the house, it must have been close. This stove’s one big burner stopped working not long after we moved in here. The other front burner never really worked at full capacity. More recently, something melted all over the burner that was the oven vent and I never figured out how to clean it up.

I’ve wanted a new stove practically since we moved in here. A few times we were about to buy one but then something else came up. Finally something didn’t come up!

I did discover something weird though, the counter on one side of the stove is lower than the counter on the other side. I think the old stove must have been lined up with the higher side, which isn’t how this one was lined up. Too bad I didn’t think to ask them to line it up that way. I was a bit disappointed, until I put all the normal stuff back on the counter and found that you can’t really tell, which may be why I never noticed before. The installer did check that the stove is level and it is. It doesn’t really look that bad and doesn’t affect my pretty new stove!

We now have modern conveniences such as a digital clock/timer (the old stove had a buzzer timer and no clock), an oven light that works, a window to see inside the oven as well as four working burners! Doug and I even tested them and they all heated up quickly! I’m excited for easier and quicker cooking! Something interesting that I’ll have to look into is a high/low temperature broiler option.

The first meal made on the new stove was tuscan pasta with sausage. Its so pretty using my new cookware on my new shiny stove! And it was so nice using a big burner! The recipe also used the oven, so I got to try everything!

Today I’m going to do some baking, a birthday cake for Doug, who’s birthday was on Thursday. I can’t wait!


Author: Jessica

I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

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