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On the eve of my ninth month, I have this to say: This is getting old.

There, I said it. I haven’t complained much. I haven’t had much reason to complain really. But I’m ready to be done. I’m ready to meet my baby boy! I’m ready to get my body back. I’m ready to take a break from work. I even feel like my house is ready. So Peyton, I suppose you should wait until next week… the magical 37th week when you’re deemed, “full term.” But really, you can make your appearance any time after that!

I’m hungry all. the. time. But its strange because this isn’t always true at home. At work, however, its true every day. I remember a time when my appetite toned down a bit while I was pregnant with Allie. Not this time. But I’m starving when I’m at work sitting on my butt all day… not when I’m at home moving furniture and doing other chores that make me go up and down stairs… which is super hard lately. And I swear my hunger is getting worse. I bring about the same amount of food to work every day, and this week it hasn’t been enough!

Of course that makes me reeeally look forward to my weigh-in at tomorrow’s appointment. Earlier this week I was up 5 pounds in only a week and a half. I’d adopted the attitude that my body is going to do whatever it wants… but this is ridiculous.

I guess today is just a cranky day. I haven’t been super motivated at work lately. Its been that way for awhile… I don’t really know why. And I doubt that will get any better as I get closer to my six-week vacation. Now my right wrist hurts, enough that I’ve been wearing my wrist brace at work. My chair is uncomfortable, has been for awhile. Tomorrow is the first of weekly doctor’s appointments, so I have to work extra time to make up for the time missed when I’m at the doctor. Since I’m weekly now, this is going to be every week I have to work late a few days. And of course today I’m working late, and cranky, so of course it makes sense that traffic is bad and its taking Doug an excessively long time to get here to pick me up. So he’s cranky too.

But at least tomorrow is finally Friday. And I will get to leave work early! And if it seems apparent that Peyton is still breech, I may get an ultrasound to officially check. So it will be fun to see him again one more time when I didn’t expect to see him again until his birth. So here’s hoping tomorrow won’t be a cranky day. But cranky day or not, I still hope Peyton will get here soon!


Author: Jessica

I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

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