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One week old!

How has it already been a week? Well, by now its been eight days. I can’t believe how fast time is going. I meant to post this when he was just a week.

Peyton is great. We’re in love. He’s eating well and sleeping well. Breast feeding is going way way better this time than it did with Allie. We only had to go to the doctor for two weight checks. On Saturday he had gained two ounces and on Monday he’d gained three! He only lost 9 percent of his birth weight before he started gaining. So I didn’t have to pump and we didn’t have to supplement with formula.

Peyton has a couple awake times each day now. Unfortunately, they aren’t consistent, and the other night it was from 10 to 1:30. But last night he was awake after dinner and we did some tummy time. Allie decided to help him with his tummy time.

We have had some cluster feeding nights, but he’s also had a longer stretch of sleep each night, four hours or more. That is huge for this sleep-deprived Mama! He usually feeds twice in the middle of the night, after I’ve gone to sleep. I should be sleeping right now, but there just aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done. I am just amazed by how quickly the days have gone.

It is such a relief that feeding is going so well. That was such a source of anxiety with Allie. I am less stressed this time and enjoying our new family more.

We’re adjusting pretty well, for the most part. But there is still plenty of adjusting to come. Its been hard to coordinate two kids. I still have no idea how we’ll get everyone out the door in the morning when we’re all back to work. But I’m doing my best not to worry about that right now.

My recovery has gone pretty well. It seemed a little slow earlier in the week but that was because I tried to do too much too soon. I’m a lot better now and enjoying no longer being pregnant! Among the joys are that the acid reflux went away immediately and I’ve had almost no SI joint pain. The only real negative is that I’ve had a headache for a few days now, I think just because I’m holding tension in my upper body during feeding. Hopefully that will go away soon.

I’m trying not to be disappointed that I still have the pregnant belly and swelling all the way up my legs. Thats been getting better the last few days as well. I’m starting to think about getting back to the gym. That probably won’t be until sometime next week. Right now the goal is to feed Peyton and get enough sleep. We finally got the house cleaned up the other day and I’ve gotten to a point where I can take some naps during the day. That really helps me get through the overnight feedings.

I’m not complaining. Not by any means. I know the sleepless nights will end soon and just like that my baby will grow up. So I’m doing my best to cherish these moments.

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Recipe review: Freezer chicken pot pie

I have been trying to review this recipe for two days now. Thats just one indicator of how crazy things are right now.

Tuesday night we tried our first freezer meal, freezer chicken pot pie. When I put this meal together, I wanted to try it right away. It took a long time to assemble these pies, about an hour and a half or two hours, but the time was well worth it. This was a huge hearty meal, which was nice in between meals of hot dogs and deli sandwiches. I cut the pie into six servings, which gave us leftovers to eat for lunch the next day.

Of course my pie doesn’t look as pretty as the one in the recipe picture. But its good. What wouldn’t be good about it? Its chicken, potatoes and vegetables in a pie. The recipe made two pies, but if I’d had enough crusts, I could have divided the filling into three pies. This isn’t a recipe that I would have normally made just because of how long it took to put together. But I can see myself making this again, maybe even making a double batch to yield four or six pies.

Even though this was put in the freezer ready to cook, it did take a little planning to bake because the total bake time for a frozen pie is almost two hours.

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Hanging out at home

Someone else loves her baby brother!

When we brought Allie home from the hosptital, we read all the advice about introducing the baby to the pet… sending something home for the dog to sniff… having someone else holding the baby so Mom and Dad can greet the dog. We didn’t do any of that this time. I thought about sending something home with Doug and promptly forgot (thats happened a lot lately!). So we just went home so see what would happen. And it was fine! We left Peyton in the carseat for a bit on the couch and I sat next to him to be a buffer for the dog. I let her examine Peyton a bit. Eventually Monk got used to Peyton. We went upstairs and for awhile Monk was sitting right next to the crib. Of course by the time we got the camera out she moved. Monk’s done this before.

Allie loves her baby brother. Its been quite a transition, but I think we’re all settling down. Allie’s behavior was rough for a few days because we just couldn’t give her our full attention. We decided to take her to daycare part time, which I think has been a great decision. We’re trying to get back into a routine. She stayed home today and we did more playing with her and she got more interaction with her brother. She’s so sweet to him. Last night we had gone to the doctor then to Bridget’s and picked up dinner. When we were eating, Peyton was getting fussy in his car seat. Allie got down on the floor and rocked him in the seat and sang Rock a Bye Baby. It was so sweet!

We’ve had longer awake stretch each day. Yesterday it was when we were out at the doctor’s and in the car. This morning it was right after he was done feedling. Its nice to see his eyes! He looks just like Allie did at this age.

But most of the time he’s doing this:

I just love the cute little clothes!

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Family of four

Its still a little hard to believe that we’re now a family of four! We kept saying that to ourselves in the hospital… we have two kids! We’re a family of four! It was so surreal coming home and thinking about the drastic change in our lives since the last time I had been there.

We’ve been home since yesterday. It hasn’t been all easy, but we’re adjusting. We’re all smitten by our little guy, which makes it a little easier.

Last night was tough. We were up from about 10 to 4. Peyton  was cluster feeding and didn’t want to sleep in the crib. I totally forgot what cluster feeding was like! And circumstances always seem more dire in the middle of the night when we just want to go back to sleep! Doug and I were both pretty frazzled. We finally all got some sleep with Peyton laying on my chest. Thats not a habit we’ll continue, but I was desparate. I think Peyton was having some gas issues. We finally figured that out in the morning when we were thinking rationally again. I’ve found I can get him to burp pretty easily though and we have some methods to try if he has problems again tonight.

We had a weight check at the doctor’s office this morning and I’m happy to report Peyton gained 2 ounces since the last time he was weighed in the hospital early Friday morning! Yay! So he only lost 9% of his body weight before starting to gain. This is way better than Allie did. The only little concern we have at the moment is his lack of dirty diapers. My milk is in though, so the hope is that the diapers will start filling up. Feedings are going really pretty well. Breast feeding is definitely going better than it did with Allie.

I’m still having a lot of discomfort, unfortunately. But even that is getting better. Tonight for dinner I was able to sit on a pillow at the table, instead of by myself out on the couch. Slowly but surely I am recovering. I am engorged though… I don’t remember this with Allie. I had such a hard time establishing my supply with her, I’m not sure I really had this whole engorgement experience and I have to say that the ice pack on my chest right now feels pretty darn amazing.

I could have plenty more to say… but my little guy is calling!

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Peyton is here!

Welcome to the world baby Peyton!Image
Peyton Dennis Durso was born at 7:23 a.m. Wednesday, Feb. 20, 2013. He weighed in at 7 pounds 2 ounces and measured 20 inches. He definitely surprised us with the way he made his entrance! This photo is his very first picture. Definitely not the best picture of me, but I love the emotion. I’m not sure who was crying more here… him or me!


Here’s a couple better ones from later when we were both cleaned up. We’re doing well and definitely keeping busy so far. He’s met his big sister… he wasn’t terribly impressed, but Allie sure was!

And here he is with Dada!

We are beyond thrilled to have our baby boy. We’re looking forward to going home tomorrow. Its taken awhile to get some pictures posted, but here they are! I’ll post and write more in the coming days.

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Freezer full of food!

Look what Mama has been up to! I guess this is my version of nesting for this pregnancy!

I’ve spent several hours the last few days assembling freezer meals for after baby is born. This is something I never did with Allie, partly because I wasn’t very organized and partly because we couldn’t afford to buy the extra food to prep the meals.

I stumbled onto a good freezer recipe last week when I was going over recipe links I’d saved for future use. I made that one on Saturday and it was so easy and satisfying! Then on Sunday I planned a whole bunch more. The results are pictured above, and I’m not done yet!

Here is what I have made so far (from left to right):
Slow cooker turkey black bean chili a recipe from my friend Kelly at New Leaf Wellness. This is one meal.
Crock pot BBQ chicken and vegetables from one of my favorite blogs, Taste and Tell. I divided this into three meals.
Slow cooker pizza bake from a new blog that I discovered in my internet search, Six Sisters Stuff. I haven’t looked at it too much but what I’ve seen is worth a second look! I divided this into two.
Freezer chicken pot pie, really labor intensive… it took about two hours to put these all together. But what I saw when it was done was TOTALLY worth it. I can’t wait to try it. And considering the blog is called, I know I’ll be back! The recipe got two pies.

Put that all together and right now I have eight meals in my freezer ready to go! But I’m not done yet! In the next few days I’m making a couple meals that we’ll eat some and freeze some. On tap for tomorrow is chicken taco bowls. We’ll eat it for dinner tomorrow night and then I’ll freeze the leftovers.

Wednesday or Thursday I’m going to make baked pasta with chicken sausage. I’ll divide this into two meals and put one in the freezer. So far that will be a total of 10 meals.

I have a few more recipes bookmarked and will make as much more as I have room in the freezer for and/or time and/or motivation for. I got started on this project late, but I’m making some good progress. It is an extra expense to buy everything for these recipes to make ahead of time, but it will save lots of time, effort and money after Peyton is here! I can’t wait to try all of it!

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New car pics

I finally got a chance to snap a few pictures of our newest car!

We’ve had it for a week now and its become more comfortable. In fact, I really like the way it drives. We found out what we needed to know with the test drive, but there’s the element of nerves on the test drive. It was the same way when we test drove the Journey. Its just not comfortable until its yours.

I’ve driven it a few times now since that test drive and it has more get up and go than the old Altima did. Its easy to make it go too fast. I drove up to Babies ‘R’ Us today, which is up the interstate. I didn’t drive it on the interstate last weekend because Doug drove it home. I had to figure out how to turn on the cruise because every time I looked at the speedometer, I was going too fast even for the interstate.

It is a really nice-looking car. Its also nice to have a car thats not black. This car will be a nice second car for driving around town. I’m glad we got it.

So with two new cars in three months, I think we’re done buying cars for awhile!