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One month to go!

Peyton is due one month from today. Yikes! I think, or hope at least, that he will be born in February. I’m getting closer to feeling ready for his arrival.

This week I made it to the gym three times! I think that last time I worked out three times in a week was before Christmas. I’m hoping to get to the gym this weekend, but I don’t know if it will happen. This morning I decided to walk on the treadmill. When I stopped running I said I didn’t want to walk because I don’t walk fast enough to get my heart rate up and it wouldn’t be a good enough workout. Well, considering just climbing the stairs is a workout for me now, I definitely got a workout in my 45 minutes on the treadmill this morning. Its an illustration of how things have changed in my body the last few weeks… my pelvis is super sore still… as sore or maybe more sore than it was after my half marathon in October! That was running 13.1 miles, this was only walking 2.5 miles!

As I wrote yesterday, I’m getting uncomfortable. I can tell, or rather my bladder can tell, that Peyton is getting bigger. My back is pretty good for the most part. Except for in the middle of the night and when I’m not moving furniture around. We do still have a few things to move, but not much. I think most of the important tasks will be done after this weekend.

My belly is getting bigger. I can tell Peyton doesn’t have much more room. Things are getting tight in there. Depending on his position I can’t breathe or I can’t bend. Peyton is different than Allie was. She hung around up high until she dropped in my last month. Peyton is all over the place. This morning he felt really low in my pelvis but right now he’s up under my ribs. I noticed this week that I can see almost every movement if I’m paying attention.

I’ve been cranky about my wardrobe. Since I’m carrying Peyton lower, a lot of my shirts are too short. And being in a deep freeze, the bottom of my belly feels a nice (well, not really nice) draft when I’m outside. That problem was solved this week when I got the maternity tank tops I ordered from Old Navy last week. I wish I’d gotten them a month ago when I first started talking about it. I’ve been more comfortable layering shirts this pregnancy, but didn’t have enough tank tops. The ones I just got are ribbed and wrap around the bottom of my belly. The blue at the bottom of my shirt in the above picture is one of them. I love them. Who would have though a simple tank top would make my wardrobe navigable in my last month? But I’ve felt more comfortable with my clothes this week because I wasn’t worried about tugging my shirt over my belly.

This afternoon was supposed to be my 36-week appointment. But it ended up being canceled because the doctor I was supposed to meet was on call and ended up having to be at the hospital today and there wasn’t another doctor who could see me today. Now its fine, but I totally got hormonal this morning when the clinic called! I’m a little embarrassed now when I think about my reaction! We ended up rescheduling the appointment to Monday afternoon instead of next Friday morning.

Since I worked extra to make up for the time I’d be gone, I still left work early. Doug and I took advantage to steal a little alone time and went to see Gangster Squad. It was really violent, but I enjoyed it. I definitely was emotional today though because I cried a few times, and I don’t normally cry at movies! We got home with a little time to spare before it was time to pick Allie up, so I colored my hair while Doug picked up Allie. It was a nice early start to the weekend. Doug and I got some nice adult time and I got a chore crossed off my list.

On tap this weekend is soccer again. I’m hoping Allie will be more receptive to soccer this week. Tonight she seemed excited about it, but who knows if that will change an hour before its time to go! In the afternoon one of my coworkers is bringing over a toddler bed that they’re giving us. Other tasks include setting up the pack ‘n’ play, putting Peyton’s car seat in the car, taking more stuff to Goodwill, cleaning up the basement some more, doing more baby laundry and taking out various other supplies. Sunday we’re going to Rockford to watch the Super Bowl at my brother’s house. I’m hoping to schedule a massage for Sunday before we head to Rockford. The weekend is filling up, like they all do. Maybe this won’t be the week I get to the gym four times, but we’ll see.


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One thought on “36 weeks

  1. Good job getting to the gym. I think 36/37 weeks was the most uncomfortable part of pregnancy for me. I was SO ready to be done, Hopefully he’ll drop some soon and you’ll get a little relief.

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