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On Wednesday Peyton and I were honored at a baby shower thrown by my coworkers. I was so surprised and honored when they asked me a couple weeks ago when the recently formed party-planning committee asked if I was interested.

I knew about the shower, but I didn’t know about everything. We had some games. I didn’t do so well at the celebrity baby names game. I only got 3 out of, I think, 20 or 25, and that was only because I guessed lucky! We also played “The Price is Right,” baby edition. I didn’t do so well on that one either. Apparently this kid is going to be cheaper than I think! I thought everything was more expensive than its actual price, except for formula. The tub of formula was $35.99! Incentive to breast feed as long as possible for sure! I got to keep the baby supplies, which was a nice boost to our stock. Among the items were diaper rash ointment, wipes, baby food, formula, a sleeper, two sweatshirts, a book and maybe a few other things.

I won the clothes pin game, where you couldn’t say the word, “baby,” and if you did and someone caught you, you took their clothes pin. I got about 5. People brought in desserts and the party planners got a cake!

The nicest surprise though was the blanket pictured above! I got a card with some cash and this nice fleece blanket. Its the kind of blanket where you tie the knots of the two layers together. When I went into a meeting on Monday, everyone got together quick and everyone tied a few knots. The big soft blanket will be great for playtime in the living room, expecially once Peyton gets mobile. Baby blankets are tiny but this is nice a big to keep him from getting on the carpet, which isn’t always super clean.

Every day I’m more excited to meet this baby!


Author: Jessica

I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

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