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Look who got a big girl bed! Complete with My Little Pony sheets, pillow case and comforter!

It was an exciting weekend for Allie. She was so excited to get this bed on Saturday.


We tried sleeping in the bed for nap time on Saturday, but it was too exciting, and Allie wouldn’t stay in. So nap time was in the crib. For bed time, however, Allie was so excited, she didn’t even want to read a book. She just went right to sleep.

She was even more excited Sunday to get the My Little Pony sheet set. She’s never used a real comforter before, but wasn’t too keen on trying it in the middle of the day. I tried to take a picture under the covers and she wouldn’t stay.

Tonight is the third night in the big girl bed, and it seems, knock on wood, that she stays in it at night. She did on Saturday at least. Last night we didn’t get home until late after the Super Bowl and Allie was already sleeping. Tonight she seems a little more wound up, but she just went to bed and I haven’t heard anything on the monitor that makes me think she’s gotten out of bed.

Potty training is still going OK, though she had a little set back last week. So in the span of a few weeks, our first baby is really growing up with getting potty trained and then getting her big girl bed!


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