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Baby Peyton has reached full term! At 37 weeks, baby is considered full term because the lungs are likely developed enough to survive outside the womb. All the major stuff is developed and from what I understand, the main development from here on out is putting on weight. Of course, its still better for baby to stay put another few weeks… but I sure would like to meet him sooner rather than later! Only 21(ish) days to go!


This week at 37 weeks

Speaking of putting on weight, am I bigger than I was last week?


Last week at 35 weeks, 5 days

I think I am, or at least the belly is sticking out a whole lot more, or maybe its just the pants I’m wearing today. Isn’t that an awesome bump in the middle of my bump? Thats the top of my pants. But I didn’t actually put on any weight in the last couple weeks, strangely enough.

I’m feeling bigger, thats for sure! I walk with a full-on waddle now. I don’t even try to correct it anymore.

My belly, back and legs hurt. The extra pounds are getting to me and I can tell I’m carrying more of it out front than I did the last time. Working out is hard, though I did find out today that if I wear my support belt while working out, my pelvis won’t feel like its splitting apart. Imagine that? Thats what I got the support belt for, after all. But if I’m being honest… its a battle on workout days to get out of bed instead of just sleeping another hour. The unlikely exertions make me hurt, like last night my arms hurt after giving Allie a bath.

We’ve got another big weekend planned for baby activities. Hopefully this is the weekend we finally set up Peyton’s bed and car seat. There are more baby clothes to wash and more closets to organize. We’re also hoping to take Allie to Chuck E. Cheese. We’ve been so busy with baby stuff lately, we haven’t done anything fun for her in awhile.

I’m ready to be done, I’m not going to lie. Nothing is really making me think labor is imminent though. I am having a lot of the braxton hicks contractions, and they are stronger… but all the so-called “signs” of labor can easily mean nothing.

If I don’t write a lot in coming days, its either because I don’t want to whine and complain all the time… or maybe I’m having a baby!


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I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

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