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The kids’ room got a special present yesterday, a rocking chair that Grandma Swanson reupholstered!

Grandma Swanson has been working with a friend in upholstery for the last several years and all the living room-type furniture (couches, chairs) in the house is furniture she did. I have a chair and loveseat that she did for my college graduation gift 10 years ago. I also have two couches the she did. This is really old furniture that was constructed well and won’t fall apart. She said this chair is at least 60  years old and they had some difficulty taking things apart on it as they were put together so tightly.

This is what the chair looked like before Grandma worked her magic:

old chair
The wood on the chair looked particularly terrible. Grandma sent it out to have all the wood refinished. Its amazing the difference in the finished product!

Last month I had mentioned to my mom that we were moving the couch out of the kids’ room in order to fit the second bed in, so we wouldn’t have anywhere to sit. With an infant, that is particularly helpful, as it is with a toddler too. Mom and her friend went through the shop’s inventory and found this chair. Mom also found the perfect material to complement the room as well as the other furniture in our house, should they end up in the same room some day. We split the costs and ended up with a beautiful piece of furniture that will serve our family well for many years.

Yesterday Mom brought the chair to its new home. I love the finished result. It does rock back kind of far, but I think we’ll get used to it. I told her I was worried about the kids breaking the rocking mechanism with it going back so far, but she said nothing on this chair will ever break.

And with this, the transformation of the kids’ room is complete! I love this room now as much as I loved it when we first created it for Allie (rumpled big girl bed and all! I suppose I should have made the bed before taking a picture. Oh, and that puppy by the chair is a toy). I was a little sad that with a two-bedroom house we couldn’t create a room for Peyton the way we did for Allie. But I feel like we did recreate the room with the changes. I do still want to add some things to the walls, like Peyton’s name over the crib. That project might end up waiting until he’s here though as there’s just not enough time to get everything done!

Thank you mom!


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