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Its still a little hard to believe that we’re now a family of four! We kept saying that to ourselves in the hospital… we have two kids! We’re a family of four! It was so surreal coming home and thinking about the drastic change in our lives since the last time I had been there.

We’ve been home since yesterday. It hasn’t been all easy, but we’re adjusting. We’re all smitten by our little guy, which makes it a little easier.

Last night was tough. We were up from about 10 to 4. Peyton  was cluster feeding and didn’t want to sleep in the crib. I totally forgot what cluster feeding was like! And circumstances always seem more dire in the middle of the night when we just want to go back to sleep! Doug and I were both pretty frazzled. We finally all got some sleep with Peyton laying on my chest. Thats not a habit we’ll continue, but I was desparate. I think Peyton was having some gas issues. We finally figured that out in the morning when we were thinking rationally again. I’ve found I can get him to burp pretty easily though and we have some methods to try if he has problems again tonight.

We had a weight check at the doctor’s office this morning and I’m happy to report Peyton gained 2 ounces since the last time he was weighed in the hospital early Friday morning! Yay! So he only lost 9% of his body weight before starting to gain. This is way better than Allie did. The only little concern we have at the moment is his lack of dirty diapers. My milk is in though, so the hope is that the diapers will start filling up. Feedings are going really pretty well. Breast feeding is definitely going better than it did with Allie.

I’m still having a lot of discomfort, unfortunately. But even that is getting better. Tonight for dinner I was able to sit on a pillow at the table, instead of by myself out on the couch. Slowly but surely I am recovering. I am engorged though… I don’t remember this with Allie. I had such a hard time establishing my supply with her, I’m not sure I really had this whole engorgement experience and I have to say that the ice pack on my chest right now feels pretty darn amazing.

I could have plenty more to say… but my little guy is calling!


Author: Jessica

I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

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