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38 weeks

Yep, I’m ready to be done.

But it would be ideal if Peyton didn’t come this weekend because Grandma and Grandpa Swanson are going out of town and they’re going to help us with Allie when the time comes. And ideally, I need to work through next week, or at least the first part of the week.

But I’m ready to be done.

I’m thinking about putting a sign on my belly. It would read something like this:

-Due in two weeks
-Yes, I’m ready to be done
-This is my second child, its a boy
-No, I’m not going to share his name with you, a complete stranger
-My older child is a girl
-Yes, she is excited

I suppose I am lucky that I haven’t gotten these annoying questions more earlier, and also that I haven’t gotten too many stupid comments, though I have gotten some stupid comments. Such as the comment from a woman approximately double my size about my big baby… excuse me but my belly is measuring perfectly, thank you very much. Why do people say such stupid things to a pregnant woman?

Anyway, almost every time I left my desk today I got some kind of comment or question. One woman patted me on the back. I’m just really glad she didn’t pat my belly.

The to-do list is getting shorter. The top item on it is packing my hospital bag. Peyton’s bag is packed. I’m doing laundry tonight and tomorrow and then hopefully I’ll be able to get my bag packed with what can be packed right now. But there’s not much I can pack right now, so we’ll see how much of that gets done. At least I will write a list of what I need to put in the bag…

The other major item is some shopping for the last few things we need. Among them are some new bottles and some extra nursing items. I thought I’d brought the bottles upstairs last weekend. I did… but discovered I found the wrong ones. I brought the ones that were packed away first because we didn’t like them. I have no idea where the good bottles ended up and have no energy or desire to go through all the boxes in the basement again. I did that a couple weeks ago and surely would have found them at that time if they were down there.

Ahh, braxton hicks contractions. I’m having plenty of them… with a few real ones mixed in. Nothing is happening lately that makes me think labor is imminent though. At my doctors appointment yesterday I found out I’m making progress toward having this baby, but that internal exam really means nothing about when I’ll go into labor. It just tells me the work that my body won’t have to do since its already done, once the time comes.

Anyway, energy comes and goes. I was miserable on Tuesday night with reflux and digestive issues. But I felt pretty good Wednesday night and all day Thursday. I’m tired though. I went to bed at 8 p.m. Thursday night, and it was great! My body just doesn’t want to move anymore. And I’m hot… all the time, and not in a good way. I understand how frustrated Doug gets because he’s always hot and I’m usually always cold, and my temperature usually wins. But right now I’m overheating and I think sometimes Doug is even cold compared to how hot I feel! This makes me wonder if the delivery room will be even hotter this time than it was with Allie. It was about a million degrees when I gave birth to Allie and we had an industrial fan in the room!


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Where a kid can be a kid

Pictures from our fun day at Chuck E. Cheese on Sunday! It really was fun… especially seeing how much Allie was enjoying it. She surprised me with how well she played some of the games and how she concentrated. She even earned a few tickets! Enough to get a little jewel ring. Of course, I have no idea where that ring is now. She almost lost it in the car but we found it. And now I’m not sure we’ve seen it since it came into the house.

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A special rocking chair

The kids’ room got a special present yesterday, a rocking chair that Grandma Swanson reupholstered!

Grandma Swanson has been working with a friend in upholstery for the last several years and all the living room-type furniture (couches, chairs) in the house is furniture she did. I have a chair and loveseat that she did for my college graduation gift 10 years ago. I also have two couches the she did. This is really old furniture that was constructed well and won’t fall apart. She said this chair is at least 60  years old and they had some difficulty taking things apart on it as they were put together so tightly.

This is what the chair looked like before Grandma worked her magic:

old chair
The wood on the chair looked particularly terrible. Grandma sent it out to have all the wood refinished. Its amazing the difference in the finished product!

Last month I had mentioned to my mom that we were moving the couch out of the kids’ room in order to fit the second bed in, so we wouldn’t have anywhere to sit. With an infant, that is particularly helpful, as it is with a toddler too. Mom and her friend went through the shop’s inventory and found this chair. Mom also found the perfect material to complement the room as well as the other furniture in our house, should they end up in the same room some day. We split the costs and ended up with a beautiful piece of furniture that will serve our family well for many years.

Yesterday Mom brought the chair to its new home. I love the finished result. It does rock back kind of far, but I think we’ll get used to it. I told her I was worried about the kids breaking the rocking mechanism with it going back so far, but she said nothing on this chair will ever break.

And with this, the transformation of the kids’ room is complete! I love this room now as much as I loved it when we first created it for Allie (rumpled big girl bed and all! I suppose I should have made the bed before taking a picture. Oh, and that puppy by the chair is a toy). I was a little sad that with a two-bedroom house we couldn’t create a room for Peyton the way we did for Allie. But I feel like we did recreate the room with the changes. I do still want to add some things to the walls, like Peyton’s name over the crib. That project might end up waiting until he’s here though as there’s just not enough time to get everything done!

Thank you mom!

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Busy busy busy

We’ve had a ton going on the past few days. I’ve been so busy, I haven’t had time to write or post any pictures.

Saturday we made an unexpected trip to Rockton to buy a new car! An old friend posted a car for sale last week that Doug and I jumped at. Its a 2004 Mazda 6 with 118,000 miles. This timing was perfect since my Nissan Altima died a couple weeks ago. Doug and I had been going back and forth on if we would buy another car or just continue doing the one-car family thing for awhile. We’d been really enjoying having two cars again when the Altima died, a lot sooner than we expected it to. We were definitely relieved that we got the new car when we did though! If we hadn’t, the Altima could have died a lot sooner and left us with no car.

After my friend posted their car, Doug and I decided we would be getting rid of the Altima either way, but pursued the new car. I talked back and forth with my friend over the course of the week and we’d pretty much decided we wanted to buy it unless there was a serious problem on the test drive. There wasn’t, so I am writing for the second time in three months that we bought a new car! I still haven’t managed to snap any pictures yet, but I will!

Today a tow truck came to take away the Altima. I’m kind of glad I wasn’t home for it. That was my car that I bought and paid off. And it was a good car. We really expected it to last a bit longer, though the list of issues suggested to fix every time we got an oil change was getting longer. The cost to get it repaired and for some other things it needed might have totaled what we paid for the new car, but how long would it have lasted? We just decided we didn’t want to put any more money into it.

So the new car took all of our Saturday. Then Sunday was a day of fun and a day of work. I got a bunch of things done in the house on Sunday. We cleaned some more in the basement, moved a bunch of Allie’s old clothes out of the bedroom closet down to the basement, finished Peyton’s laundry (though two days later, the last of it is still in the basket waiting to be put away), put together the pack ‘n’ play in our bedroom and installed the car seat.

I was exhausted by the end of the day, and sore. I got an amazing pregnancy massage on Saturday and the effects of it weren’t lingering by Sunday night. But I’m happy to say there is very little left to do to get ready for Baby Peyton’s arrival. All I can really think of at the moment is washing up the bottles, buying some new nipples for those bottles and a few other necessary items. Oh, and the hospital bag! Its so funny that I think I had a hospital bag in progress before 36 weeks with Allie, but at almost 38, I’m still just thinking about it. I really did think about it on Sunday, about packing Peyton’s diaper bag. Maybe I’ll try to do that tonight.

The most fun part of Sunday though, was taking Allie to Chuck E. Cheese. I can’t believe I say it was fun either, because it was busy! Between the normal weekend parties and the rainy afternoon, it wasn’t as empty as it was when we went for Allie’s birthday (on a weeknight). But it also wasn’t too bad. We managed to order our food before a huge crowd came in. And we could always find a game to play. And even if I hadn’t enjoyed it much, it was so great to see the delight on Allie’s face. We are trying to do more fun stuff for Allie before and hopefully after Peyton gets here.

Allie loved it. She really loved the games and it was so neat to see her concentration. She didn’t eat much though. I guess we should have expected that. Who wants to eat in a place like that when there’s so much fun to be had? I took a bunch of pictures that I finally took off the camera last night, but I still need to edit a bit before I can post them.

So with all the activity of the weekend, Monday was another day where I felt like coming to work was a break! I want Peyton to get here so we can slow down a bit. Not that we will necessarily slow down when he’s here, but at least we won’t be preparing for his arrival once he’s here! Soon I hope!

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Full term!

Baby Peyton has reached full term! At 37 weeks, baby is considered full term because the lungs are likely developed enough to survive outside the womb. All the major stuff is developed and from what I understand, the main development from here on out is putting on weight. Of course, its still better for baby to stay put another few weeks… but I sure would like to meet him sooner rather than later! Only 21(ish) days to go!


This week at 37 weeks

Speaking of putting on weight, am I bigger than I was last week?


Last week at 35 weeks, 5 days

I think I am, or at least the belly is sticking out a whole lot more, or maybe its just the pants I’m wearing today. Isn’t that an awesome bump in the middle of my bump? Thats the top of my pants. But I didn’t actually put on any weight in the last couple weeks, strangely enough.

I’m feeling bigger, thats for sure! I walk with a full-on waddle now. I don’t even try to correct it anymore.

My belly, back and legs hurt. The extra pounds are getting to me and I can tell I’m carrying more of it out front than I did the last time. Working out is hard, though I did find out today that if I wear my support belt while working out, my pelvis won’t feel like its splitting apart. Imagine that? Thats what I got the support belt for, after all. But if I’m being honest… its a battle on workout days to get out of bed instead of just sleeping another hour. The unlikely exertions make me hurt, like last night my arms hurt after giving Allie a bath.

We’ve got another big weekend planned for baby activities. Hopefully this is the weekend we finally set up Peyton’s bed and car seat. There are more baby clothes to wash and more closets to organize. We’re also hoping to take Allie to Chuck E. Cheese. We’ve been so busy with baby stuff lately, we haven’t done anything fun for her in awhile.

I’m ready to be done, I’m not going to lie. Nothing is really making me think labor is imminent though. I am having a lot of the braxton hicks contractions, and they are stronger… but all the so-called “signs” of labor can easily mean nothing.

If I don’t write a lot in coming days, its either because I don’t want to whine and complain all the time… or maybe I’m having a baby!

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Weekend fun

Some random photos from last weekend. In addition to Allie’s big girl bed, we also got her a pair of snow boots and a new hat and mitten set. She loved wearing the mittens in the house but doesn’t want to wear them outside. Instead she likes to put her hands in her coat pockets.

And a few from Super Bowl Sunday, mostly of Baby Tyler. He stayed up late and was in a pretty good mood most of the time.

023 027 028 030
Baby Tyler sure seems to like the camera!

Here’s Allie early in the evening when she seemed a little tired.

But then right before it was time to go (at about 10:30), she seemed to have her second wind! I guess it helps to spend the time with good friends, like her Cousin Katy.

The second wind didn’t last long though, as she fell asleep soon after getting in the car to drive the hour home.

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Its a surprise

I read an article toward the beginning of pregnancy about helping a toddler get used to the new baby. One of the suggestions was to have the older sibling give the new baby a present. Last weekend Allie picked out her present to give Baby Peyton. And she played with it a lot.

Tonight we wrapped it to save it for Baby Peyton’s birthday. Allie was super excited to help wrap it up. She hugged and kissed and hugged it again to fill it with her love. Then we wrapped in the shiny Happy Birthday paper. Allie was kind of bummed we didn’t have a bow to put on it. Oops! While we were wrapping, we sang “Happy birthday to you.” She put a few pieces of tape on it.

Unfortunately, she wasn’t too happy when I told her we had to put it in the closet! I told her we had to save it for Baby Peyton’s birthday, but she wanted to play with it. Luckily I finally got it in the closet and then Allie went on to the next thing.

What is it? Well its a surprise for Baby Peyton! We will just have to wait to find out until his birthday!