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Tuesday night, Feb. 19, Doug sent me to bed early. I’d been getting more tired and trying to save up sleep, but that was hard to do with a toddler and all the baby preparations. The weekend before I was busy making freezer meals. Even that Tuesday I was supposed to be less busy, but still found plenty to do to fill up the evening.

But I did manage to head up to bed around 8:15. I was just starting to fall asleep when I felt a really forceful push downward from Peyton. He’d been pushing down on my hips for awhile, but this was different. It zapped me out of my sleep. Then no more than two minutes later, or maybe it was just seconds, I felt the water starting to come out. I was up out of bed and into the bathroom faster than I’d moved in awhile! My water had broken!

I called the clinic and the doctor on call said we should make our way to the hospital. Oh my gosh! This was really happening! Doug and I got into a bit of a panic… my adrenaline was going. Luckily I had finally started my hospital bag the previous Saturday and on Monday night I’d made the list of what I needed to finish packing. We ran around packing and loading the car. We didn’t overpack quite as badly as we did with Allie but there was still a good amount of stuff to load.

When we were about done we grabbed Allie out of bed and then ended up with another load of stuff to take to the car before we got in. Allie never even woke up. He set her down on the couch and we got this great picture:

First stop was Bridget’s to drop off Allie. Of course that was the one night that week she had stuff going on in the evening, but luckily she got home in time. We’d had rain that turned icy on Monday (or was it Tuesday?) so the drive to Bridget’s was a bit slow. I was starting to have some contractions, but they weren’t strong or consistent. But I was still nervous. I didn’t feel at ease or relaxed until we got to the hospital.

We got to the hospital triage around 10. They did the test to confirm it was my water and it said yes right away. The clock was ticking… we’d have this baby on Feb. 20!

We got into the room just before 11. It was awhile before the doctor came because there was another delivery. It was kind of weird just hanging out in the room without much to do yet. I didn’t change my clothes, I got to have a little snack. I wasn’t having contractions anymore, what had started in the car had stopped. When the resident doctpr came in between 11:30 and midnight, at first she said we should start pitocin right away. Then it was decided that we could try to rest for a couple hours so I could eat a little more and we could sleep.

I quickly was wishing we’d just started the pitocin right away because I wasn’t asleep. Contractions were starting and over the next couple hours they did get a bit stronger but they were still inconsistent. Just like my labor with Allie I was going to the bathroom constantly. Around 3 the doctor came back and checked me. I was at 4 cm and 40 percent effaced, so I was changing. I was still given the choice if I wanted to start pitocin now or keep waiting. I didn’t know what to decide so Doug said we should do it because if we were awake anyway, we may as well get going.

It didn’t take long for the contractions to get stronger and consistent once the pitocin was started. They were about every two minutes and most of the time less than a minute, but strong enough that I was having a hard time relaxing. I tried to wait it out a bit, but opted for the epidural probably around 4.

The anestesiologist got there pretty quickly, but it still took awhile to get the epidural started. I was all comfy in bed by 5:30 and decided to leave a message with my boss that maternity leave was starting today! Then we were going to try and sleep a few hours. I expected to sleep at least a couple hours. I could have slept, but around 6:15 my right hip was sore, so I called the nurse in to turn me over to my other side. While we were doing that the doctor came in and checked me.

Thats when we got perhaps the biggest surprise of the night… I was complete! As in 10 cm, fully effact and Peyton’s head was right there! I was pretty close to him just popping himself out.

I was nervous because I couldn’t feel anything, though I had been feeling the pressure since 6 when I needed to turn over. And I suppose it was starting to feel like the urge to push but it didn’t hurt like it did with Allie. I wasn’t sure how to do it if I couldn’t feel it. We decided to wait a bit longer. My mom was coming and I didn’t want her to miss it. I had told her about an hour before to wait an hour or two and then come. So we let her know the change in plans. And I realized I was feeling the contractions and the urge to push after all.

Around 7 I knew it was time to go. I called the nurse and it felt like it took eternity for her to get there. I was actually nervous that I’d have to push before they got there. It took a bit to get the crew assembled, to get the room all set up for delivery. It was around 7:15 when I was about ready to go. I’d felt for awhile like he was just coming. We talked about what I should do and then waited for the next contraction. I pushed three times in that contraction and I think they said his head was starting to peak out. That one was done and we waited for the next one.

I consider that first one practice and the second was the real deal. I was supposed to push three times per contraction. I pushed about four or five in the second contraction and just like that he was out! I was expecting it to be quicker than Allie, but not that quick! I don’t think the doctor was expecting it that quickly either. She said something later about not having everything ready on the bed and catching the baby instead of getting the other stuff ready!

I had my eyes closed and I didn’t realize that Peyton was already on my chest until someone told me!

Oh. my. gosh. I just started yelling and crying. It was so incredible. I’m still tearing up writing about that amazing moment. It was different with Allie because she had the meconium and the stressful labor. So they had to examine her at first and I didn’t get to have her up on my chest right away. Peyton was still a little blue and covered with the vernix. He was crying, I was crying… I don’t know which of us was crying more. Doug told me later he cried too.

This was such an amazing and emotional experience.

Peyton Dennis Durso was born at 7:23 a.m. Feb. 20, 2013. He weighed 7 pounds, 2 ounces and measured 2o inches. Peyton is a name Doug and I both like and I suppose I’ll admit it is partly after the football player. But it was more because I had his middle name picked out forever ago. I decided a long time ago I wouldn’t name my kids after anyone, except I’d name my son after my dad, who died when I was 12.

My labor was 11 hours from start to finish. Talk about a different experience! I expected labor and delivery to be a bit faster, but I didn’t expect it to be that fast. I had told family members to wait until morning because we didn’t think anything was happening that quickly. Everyone ended up missing it! I had bought a new book for my Nook and bought a classical music album for my computer to play during labor… I didn’t use any of it. I barely felt a thing when pushing… but I felt enough to be able to do it. And I definitely didn’t expect such a tiny baby!

We’re doing great. Of course its been a transition, but its going well for the most part. Peyton is eating and sleeping, and doing both pretty well. Allie has been a challenge to deal with, but she loves her baby brother. I can’t believe its already been almost two weeks! I started writing this story in the hospital and have been trying to get back to it, but time is just going so fast. I only have four more weeks of maternity leave. Doug and I feel like we’re getting into a good flow with our new lives. Of course, the uncertainty of how we’ll function when I go back to work is looming, but I’m trying not to worry about that all now and just enjoy my beautiful baby boy.


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