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We have a little shrimp! At Peyton’s two-week check up yesterday, his weight was 7 pounds even, height 20 inches and head circumfrance 34.9 cm. These stats place him in the 13th percentile for weight, 22nd for height and 21st for head.

By contrast, his sister was in the 50th percentile for weight and 30th for height and head size.

We haven’t done it too much tummy time yet. We’ve been doing it more lately and he doesn’t seem to hate it as much as Allie did. He’s having more awake time each day. This morning he was awake for more than two hours. The awake time isn’t consistent yet and sometimes it has been during the overnight time when we need to be sleeping!

He kind of looks like a little old man sometimes with his facial expressions. He seems to really like sitting in the bouncer downstairs with the family. Earlier I tried to lay him down in his crib and he was fussing for awhile. We brought him downstairs and he’s slept contently all afternoon, with a couple wake ups for feeding.

I can’t get enough pictures of Allie holding Peyton! She is really good with him, though we do need to watch her closely with him. Mama or Dada has to have hands on Peyton when Allie’s holding him because if she decides she’s done, she tends to just drop him and leave.

We were surprised at his check up yesterday to find out Peyton didn’t gain as much weight as expected over the past week. He’d gained 5 ounces over three days after leaving the hospital. Then he only gained 3 ounces over the course of the week. So while he gained weight, it wasn’t as much as the doctor wanted to see for a week. The desired weight gain is an ounce a day and he gained about half an ounce per day instead.

So I need to feed him a lot and we have an appointment for another weight check on Friday. Breast feeding is going well, so I’m sure he’ll gain enough. The goal since the appointment has been to feed Peyton every two hours, but for the most part he’s fussed for feeding more frequently than that. I think he’s in his two-week growth spurt.


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