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One month old!

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How time flies! I know I wrote the same thing with Allie. I’m not sure time flies any faster than the first month with a new baby.
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We’re having more awake time each day. We’re also having more fussy time. And the fussy time has led to too much awake time a few days and nights, which has led to a frazzled Mama and Dada.
He’s starting to get chubby! I tried to get his unofficial weight today and came up with somewhere around 8 pounds. So he’s still smaller than Allie was at birth! But I was surprised to realize the other day he is starting to outgrow some of the newborn-size sleepers.
Like his sister, he’s not a huge fan of tummy time. I think it depends on when we try to do it.
Some, or perhaps all of his fussiness is stemming from gas issues, which I know is common in babies. I put him in the swing today for the first time and he promptly went to sleep. As much as I don’t want to set the precendent, I think we will put him in the swing to try and get some sleep at night if necessary. The other day/night, he was up for most of 15 hours. By most of, I mean he did sleep a bit, but no good long stretch.
What I’m realizing is we thought we had it pretty easy the first month. The last few days we’re finding its no longer easy. But I still wouldn’t trade it. When he’s awake and not fussing, he’s getting more interactive. He makes some great faces. This afternoon we had a long awake time without him being fussy, but by the time I got the camera out he was sleepy.

Dada gave Peyton his first bottle today and he gulped it all up. Thats a relief because I didn’t know how different it would be since with Allie had to introduce the bottle when she was only a few days. I’ve heard it can be really hard when you wait longer to do that.

Its so hard to believe its already been a month. I only have two weeks left of maternity leave. Hopefully in the next few weeks we’ll get a better idea of how to function when work is involved.


Author: Jessica

I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

One thought on “One month old!

  1. What a cutie! I know every kid is different, but I wouldn’t worry too much about letting him sleep in the swing if it means you get more sleep. I bet he’ll transition to his crib just fine (…says the mom who breaks all the sleep rules).

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