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If we had any concerns about Peyton’s weight a couple weeks ago, you wouldn’t know it now! Peyton and I went to the lactation clinic at the hospital today for help with his latch. As part of the assessment they take baby’s weight. Today Peyton weighed in a 8 lbs, 8.2 oz, which is a gain of 19 oz (1 lb 3 oz) in the two weeks since his last weight check! The weight gain doctors want to see is an ounce a day, so we were hoping to see him gaining 14 ounces.

I guess he’s working on becoming a little porker instead of a shrimp!

I wish I had gone in to the clinic sooner. We’ve had latch issues from the beginning, but I kept thinking they were getting better. It did get better for a bit and then just got more painful! I got some good help today and also some suggestions for going back to work as well. Part of the assessment is also weighing throughout the feeding to see how much food he’s getting. He got 2.5 oz plus a little more, so that was cool to see!

The goal now is to practice a lot! Its hard to get all the positioning right without the extra hands there to help. But I’m feeling better already.

My feelings about breast feeding this time around are a lot more positive as it is going a lot more easily than it did with Allie. Its so cool to me that Peyton is growing so much with nourishment from my body! So hopefully we can fix this latch and it will all be even more awesome!


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