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Tuesday we embarked on an adventure… a family road trip to the National Mississippi River Museum & Aquarium in Dubuque. It was a tough day, but also a lot of fun. Allie loves seeing fishies. Peyton slept the whole time, pretty much. Thats him in the carrier.

Allie liked looking at the crawfish, but she didn’t want to touch it.
She really liked the huge catfish!

She would have sat in front of the big aquarium all day!

She really liked this display that illustrated erosion. She called it the red barn house because there’s a barn in the middle. I think she really liked it because it looked like Applejack’s barn on “My Little Pony.”

They had a special turtle display that Allie really enjoyed.
They had a big turtle out to see and touch. Allie actually touched this one!
027 029

We played in the River Boat Museum area too. Allie really liked steering the boat.

036 037 039
We also hauled some cargo.
It was kind of a bummer going on a cold day. There are a lot of fun outdoor features at the museum. Allie did want to stop and look at the big paddlewheel outside the front door.

We’ve been disappointed that the weather has stayed so cold while I’ve been off work! So it was nice getting out of the house for a day. We’re looking forward to going back to the museum over the summer when it’s warmer.


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