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007Look who’s 2 months old today! Peyton is getting so big and he’s changed so much in such a short time. We switched to size 1 diapers last weekend. A friend who’s son is two months older than Peyton gave me some newborn diapers he didn’t use. The Pampers were too big for Peyton for awhile so we bought some Target diapers. By the time we got back to the Pampers they were too small! Peyton still fits a lot of his newborn clothes, but we’re getting out some of the 0-3 months.006We had his 2-month check up on Wednesday. Peyton is up to 11 pounds and 22 inches, 25th percentile weight and 35th percentile height. His head circumfrance is 37.8 cm for the 20th percentile. He’s moving up the charts but still a shrimp! He also had three shots and an oral vaccine. Wednesday night wasn’t fun… Peyton was really fussy and wouldn’t eat or sleep for a few hours in spite of having tylenol. Luckily Thursday was better because he slept all day.005Peyton smiles a lot, but its too quick for me to get a picture. He makes lots of fun facial experssions though. He gets really engaged by what he sees around him now. When he’s laying on his activity mat he reaches for the toys hanging above him. He lifts his head up really high. He’s even rolled over a couple times though I know he wasn’t trying to. When he has his head up high and his arm is in the right spot and he leans over a bit… back to his back he goes!003We’re working on getting Peyton to nap during the day. He sleeps through the night most nights but napping is very inconsistent. We’ve been meaning to get the swing back out this week but didn’t get it out until this morning. Peyton is currently on his second nap of the day!001Allie loves her baby brother, and I love seeing her with him, though we have to constantly watch so that Allie doesn’t break him or the bouncey chair! He started going to daycare this week part time. Allie loves having Peyton with her at daycare.


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I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

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