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I am so glad I got a bunch of meals in the freezer before Peyton was born. That was a big help in the couple weeks after his birth. Its been an even bigger help since I went back to work. I’ve made a big effort to keep putting new meals in the freezer to keep up that stock. We use at least one or two freezer meals per week. We can have dinner ready soon after I get home from work and depending on when Peyton needs to eat we can have dinner right away or wait awhile.

I stopped taking pictures of the freezer meals because I’m not a food blogger. But I do want to review what’s in my freezer right now.

Slow cooker pizza bake is one of the meals I made before Peyton was born. We all really liked it, but I calculated the Weight Watchers points and its not pretty! I have one more of this one in the freezer.

We finished the second chicken pot pie. The second was just as good as the first. That one isn’t really good on the points either. I was really sad to be finished with those… I want to make some more one of these weekends when I have a couple hours. They’re really good but also really time consuming.

I made a double batch of chili a few weeks ago and divided it into three meals, the one we had the night I made it and two for the freezer. Its a chili recipe I found on the internet several years ago that I’ve adapted and tend to just dump into the pot.

I made chicken taco bowls in the crock pot the day I went into labor. That was one where we ate half and froze the other half. Those were good the night I made them and even better when we reheated them.

One recipe that I reviewed here saying I wasn’t too impressed  but really liked a lot more the second time is the BBQ chicken and vegetables. The recipe says to serve over rice but the day we made it the second time I realized we didn’t have any more rice. So I cooked some egg noodles to go with it instead and I liked that a lot better. It also made the food last longer too.

Another great freezer chili was this chicken chili.

Two casseroles I made and liked are baked pasta with chicken sausage and cheesy ham bake (this blog entry has a few recipes, the cheesy ham bake is in the middle). We really loved the pasta with chicken sausage. We had one cheesy ham bake and the second is in the freezer.

Last week I put four new meals in the freezer. Three of them I made a double batch for dinner and froze half. I’ve been making this cajun red beans & rice recipe for a few years now, making a double batch and freezing half. Wednesday I made these salsa sloppy joes. This is a variatation of sloppy joes I make already and the salsa and brown sugar add a nice sweetness. Sloppy joes are good for a few meals’ worth of leftovers, which is always nice. Friday night I made honey lime chicken. It seems more like a regular sweet and sour chicken, which is just fine with me.

Yesterday I put a beef stew together. This link is another recipe round up of 8 recipes that can be made in an hour. I don’t have enough room in the freezer to try that right now, but soon! The beef stew is the sixth recipe down. It looked good as I was putting it together!

Today I have three more meals planned to get in the freezer. I’m making this turkey black bean chili for the second time. I also found these two recipes to try: chicken tetrazzini and tortilla soup. I’ll make the chicken tonight for dinner and freeze half and put the soups straight into the freezer.

So if you were keeping track, I have eight in the freezer right now: pizza pasta, BBQ chicken and vegetables, cheesy ham bake, chili, honey lime chicken, salsa sloppy joes, red beans & rice and beef stew. Three more today will make 11. Thats a nice selection, I’d say!

The internet is a great thing. There are so many resources for freezer meals. I just search freezer meal recipes and come up with lots of recipes. I found one article that says you can make 50 freezer meals in an afternoon. I don’t know how ambitious I am to try that! Not to mention I need to get a bigger freezer before I could try that.


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