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Some version of my former running self

I ran 3 miles on Saturday. Three miles is my long run right now! But the good news is that I’m starting to feel like some version of my former running self. I feel more comfortable; it doesn’t feel like torture to run just 2 miles! After my first 3-mile run the Saturday before last, I could barely run a mile and a half on Monday. After this week’s 3-mile run, I was much more comfortable running 2 miles on Monday!

And… I just signed up for a 5K last night! I’m running the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure 5K on Saturday. It could very well be awful, but I want to run this in honor of my friend Jana, who’s parents recently died in much-too-quick succession, her mother from breast cancer. I’ve been incredibly blessed to not have cancer touch my family so deeply and I know that can change at any moment. So I’m running the 5K and made a donation as well.

I ran 25 miles in May. My “long run” is 3 miles. But at least 3 miles is feeling more comfortable. The first was terrible, second was better than the first. Hopefully the third time during the 5K on Saturday will be the charm!

This morning my weight was 208.8, yuck. In spite of my early thoughts that I was losing weight better after Peyton’s birth, I’m really stuck at the same spot. I was stuck at 217 for over a year after having Allie; that was stalled about 20 pounds lost from pregnancy. My weight now is stalled about 20 pounds lost from pregnancy, just I ended 11 pounds lighter than I was with Allie.

I just have such a hard time keeping to a good diet! I really need to start tracking my food again and control myself on the weekends. I feel like I eat well during the week but we just let ourselves go on the weekends. I think I’m retaining water too, which makes me think I’m eating too many carbs. I know I’m supposed to eat more with breast feeding, and running on top of that. I need to get tracking again so I can keep my points in check! I really feel like if I could keep my diet in check I’d be losing weight right now.

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Memorial weekend part II: Brat Fest

Monday’s festivities took place at the World’s Largest Brat Fest.
Peyton wasn’t sure what to make of it, or maybe he just wasn’t sure about his hat. Or the stroller… he hasn’t ridden in the stroller very much because most of the time I wear him. And the ride was kind of bumpy. Some of his facial expressions were priceless!
I went to my first Brat Fest when I moved to Madison in 2006. At that time it was just starting out at the Alliant Center when it previously had been a small event in the grocery store parking lot.
Its grown a ton since then. We love it because its easy to get to, easy parking and relatively easy to navigate. Its not as crowded on Memorial Monday and even more so since the weather was dreary. So we actually were able to get a table!

We were pretty surprised with Allie’s effort… she’s never been too wild about meat, but she ate almost half a brat.
Allie liked the brat, but she was more interested in the rides. So even when it started raining a bit while we were eating, we headed over to the rides. She was so excited all weekend for those rides!
I don’t know that Mama’s too excited for the rides… I don’t have the same tolerance for going around in circles as I used to!
Peyton slept through the fun rides… I’m sure he’ll be more interested next year. And while I was dizzy, I had fun too. So often I spend more time with just Peyton and Dada spends more time with just Allie since I have to feed Peyton a lot. It was nice this weekend to do more stuff with just her.
Even if it meant maneuvering myself in and out of these small cars!
We did the carousel at the start, but I think that was her favorite. After the choo choo train and the race cars, Allie chose to finish with the carousel again. We would have loved to stay longer, but the weather was yucky and we ran out of money. It stinks that things are so expensive! So we got a funnel cake to share as we walked back to the car. That was a mess to eat as we were walking, but it sure was good!

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Memorial weekend part I: A hat and flowers

I found a smaller hat for Peyton! It fits his head, but still looks huge because of the big brim. I just love how it looked with the zoo animal sleeper.
We had such a fun long weekend. And it was actually pretty productive too! Why can’t every weekend be three days?
Sunday Mama and Allie planted flowers. I wanted to do this on Mother’s Day but it was too cold and windy. It was chilly all weekend, but the weather was nice enough to do the flowers this weekend. Sunday morning we all went to the flower store, in this case the garden center at Farm & Fleet, to get some dirt and to pick out the flowers. Allie was so excited about all flower-related activities.
Please excuse my terrible hair. I forgot until I had my hands dirty that I should have put my hair up! And look at those roots… time for a root touch up!
Allie helped put the dirt in the pots and she helped me pick which flowers to put in which pots. She helped with putting the flowers in as well. She was a great helper!
I got impatiens, begonias, ageratum, geranium, zinnia, marigold and something called snow princess. I think they turned out lovely, even though some of the plants weren’t lined up well. Hopefully they will grow so that it won’t be so obvious!
I learn a bit about planting flowers each year. Maybe this will be the year none of the flowers die! But I doubt it as I accidentally broke one of the begonias in half and the snow princess didn’t have much of a root structure. But maybe I will be surprised. The begonia I broke still had the roots, I just lost the bloom.
The little pots below were my mother’s day present from Allie the last two years. I tried planting a flower in the one last year and it didn’t work out. I looked up good flowers for small pots and found that impatiens and begonias were supposed to be good. So I’m trying those this year. I’ll have to make sure I water enough since its such a small pot. But my problem in the past has been watering too much so I have to balance.
This was a great relaxing weekend spend at home and doing fun things together as a family! The last few weekends we’ve been really busy and we’ll be busy next weekend. Its that time of year. So it was really nice to get a weekend at home. Today we went to Brat Fest and hopefully I’ll get the time to post those fun pictures before next weekend!

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On the terrace

Sunday afternoon we headed over to the Memorial Union terrace to walk by the lake and get ice cream. We knew that it was UW graduation, but didn’t realize graduation at UW continues into Sunday. As a result there were a million people there!
So we walked by the lake for awhile (dodging the six construction projects crammed into a really small and congested area) and were treated to this scenery. It never gets old. After that we went to try another new restaurant with the best views of Lake Monona. I didn’t get to take any pictures though.
Baby Peyton was pretty impressed! Notice the hat that’s way too big. We’ve been meaning to get a hat since he has no hair and it too little to wear sunscreen. Well, I ran into Target when we were on our way out to the Terrace and every infant hat they had was too big or too small. I went with too big, but it didn’t really help much. We’ll have to get a better size one for now and save this one for later.
There were chairs in the water… we don’t know why, can only guess from whatever parties there were the night before. Allie was very concerned about the chairs in the water!
Hopefully we will go back soon when there aren’t a million people around and actually get some ice cream. The ice cream there is the best!

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Playing together

Allie likes to lay on the floor with Baby Peyton on his activity mat. She does tummy time with him too.
These pictures are from last Sunday morning. We’d had a busy weekend with Allie spending the night at Cousin Katy’s house and Mama and Dada taking Baby Peyton out and about. Both kids were exhausted here even though they’d just woke up!

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12 weeks already

Just look at that smiling face! How have 12 weeks passed so quickly?
Peyton is learning more and interacting with us and the world around him. Last weekend I caught him smiling at the bear on his activity gym. It lights up and plays music. Precious!
Saturday night he rolled over twice! He’s done it a few times but this time it looked more on purpose. He hasn’t done it since.
He’s been “talking” to us. I love the coos. He says “un-ga” and makes other sounds. Tonight when I got done feeding him I was talking to him and he would nod his head at just the right times so that it seemed as though he was agreeing with me. He smiles all the time. Its not hard to tell when he’s in a good mood. And he doesn’t fuss a lot either! He’s such a good baby.
I will admit I expected him to be more difficult since Allie was so easy, but he’s been easy too. I put him down awake at night and he goes to sleep and sleeps through the night. Lately he’s been fussing a bit more though… along with drooling and sucking on his fists. I think we already have teething symptoms! Its only been in the last week I’ve packed away all the newborn clothing and organized the three months size. Why is he growing so fast? He can’t grow, he needs to stay little forever!

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Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day! I am so grateful for my own mommy. Even now that I’m a mother of two, I still go to my mommy for the answers. She knows everything. I don’t know how I’ll ever know as much as she does. In fact, just yesterday she gave me some advice on breastfeeding that has made it go a bit quicker the last few feedings!

I don’t know how I’m going to raise two kids… and she raised eight of us. I don’t know how she did it. The last few years I’ve experienced more of motherhood and known other mothers and friends who experience some of what she must have experienced raising us, especially after dad died. We all came through it well with her help!

And of course she’s a great grandma! We have lots of awesome things in our house that she’s made for us. Our re-upholstered furniture and beautiful cross stitched pictures commemorating Doug’s and my wedding and Allie’s and Peyton’s births. We will treasure these items forever!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the new mamas and mamas-to-be I’ve met over the last year. A friend from one of my online groups had her babies on Thursday night, twins just in time for Mother’s Day! What a great gift!

I love being a mama. There are still times when I miss being single, or just being married without kids. Things were easier and we could do more. But really I wouldn’t trade being a mama for anything. I love seeing Allie and Peyton grow and learn about the world.

I had one thing I really wanted to do today, run. I did that, and more! Its been a nice day from the start. Both kids slept in! Of course its because they both stayed up too late, but that’s OK. So we all slept in, and Dada woke up first and went to get coffee and doughnuts from Dunkin’ Donuts. Then we spent time watching My Little Pony upstairs together while I fed Peyton.

I ran 2.5 chilly miles and then we went to brunch at the Mariner’s Inn. This was our view from our table!
mariners inn
After brunch we drove around a bit and then came home, where Doug and the kids gave me my presents. I feel so spoiled! A giftcard for the spa and a giftcard for Starbuck’s from Dada, and a necklace and earrings set from the kids!

But this might be the best present of all:

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Playing outside

On April 27, I was sad we didn’t do Crazylegs… I expected the weather to be terrible because that’s what tends to happen for Crazylegs. It was super nice though. So instead we went to the Monona dream park. We had a great time. Allie fixated on the slide. I took Peyton to the swings a little bit. It was a great way to spend Saturday morning.

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Road trip


Peyton took his first road trip this weekend for Uncle Jacob’s graduation from Eastern Illinois University. Mama and Aunt Johanna graduated from EIU too.


Traveling with kids is always hard, but overall we had a good weekend. The weather was awful though, it rained pretty much the whole time. We are seeing the sun for the first time as we are heading home.


I enjoyed telling the kids and Dada about the buildings we saw where we were on campus. I would have liked to drive around a bit more but with the weather and kids and traffic we just wanted to get back to the hotel after the ceremony.

I forgot my camera, so the pictures here are from my phone and I will post some from family members eventually.

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There’s that smile

I got a picture of Peyton smiling! Surprisingly, this is from my phone. I’m pleasantly surprised how good the camera on my new phone is. Maybe with the camera and the mobile app on my phone, I can actually blog once in awhile. We’ll see.