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Sunday afternoon we headed over to the Memorial Union terrace to walk by the lake and get ice cream. We knew that it was UW graduation, but didn’t realize graduation at UW continues into Sunday. As a result there were a million people there!
So we walked by the lake for awhile (dodging the six construction projects crammed into a really small and congested area) and were treated to this scenery. It never gets old. After that we went to try another new restaurant with the best views of Lake Monona. I didn’t get to take any pictures though.
Baby Peyton was pretty impressed! Notice the hat that’s way too big. We’ve been meaning to get a hat since he has no hair and it too little to wear sunscreen. Well, I ran into Target when we were on our way out to the Terrace and every infant hat they had was too big or too small. I went with too big, but it didn’t really help much. We’ll have to get a better size one for now and save this one for later.
There were chairs in the water… we don’t know why, can only guess from whatever parties there were the night before. Allie was very concerned about the chairs in the water!
Hopefully we will go back soon when there aren’t a million people around and actually get some ice cream. The ice cream there is the best!


Author: Jessica

I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

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