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Memorial weekend part I: A hat and flowers

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I found a smaller hat for Peyton! It fits his head, but still looks huge because of the big brim. I just love how it looked with the zoo animal sleeper.
We had such a fun long weekend. And it was actually pretty productive too! Why can’t every weekend be three days?
Sunday Mama and Allie planted flowers. I wanted to do this on Mother’s Day but it was too cold and windy. It was chilly all weekend, but the weather was nice enough to do the flowers this weekend. Sunday morning we all went to the flower store, in this case the garden center at Farm & Fleet, to get some dirt and to pick out the flowers. Allie was so excited about all flower-related activities.
Please excuse my terrible hair. I forgot until I had my hands dirty that I should have put my hair up! And look at those roots… time for a root touch up!
Allie helped put the dirt in the pots and she helped me pick which flowers to put in which pots. She helped with putting the flowers in as well. She was a great helper!
I got impatiens, begonias, ageratum, geranium, zinnia, marigold and something called snow princess. I think they turned out lovely, even though some of the plants weren’t lined up well. Hopefully they will grow so that it won’t be so obvious!
I learn a bit about planting flowers each year. Maybe this will be the year none of the flowers die! But I doubt it as I accidentally broke one of the begonias in half and the snow princess didn’t have much of a root structure. But maybe I will be surprised. The begonia I broke still had the roots, I just lost the bloom.
The little pots below were my mother’s day present from Allie the last two years. I tried planting a flower in the one last year and it didn’t work out. I looked up good flowers for small pots and found that impatiens and begonias were supposed to be good. So I’m trying those this year. I’ll have to make sure I water enough since its such a small pot. But my problem in the past has been watering too much so I have to balance.
This was a great relaxing weekend spend at home and doing fun things together as a family! The last few weekends we’ve been really busy and we’ll be busy next weekend. Its that time of year. So it was really nice to get a weekend at home. Today we went to Brat Fest and hopefully I’ll get the time to post those fun pictures before next weekend!


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