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Memorial weekend part II: Brat Fest

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Monday’s festivities took place at the World’s Largest Brat Fest.
Peyton wasn’t sure what to make of it, or maybe he just wasn’t sure about his hat. Or the stroller… he hasn’t ridden in the stroller very much because most of the time I wear him. And the ride was kind of bumpy. Some of his facial expressions were priceless!
I went to my first Brat Fest when I moved to Madison in 2006. At that time it was just starting out at the Alliant Center when it previously had been a small event in the grocery store parking lot.
Its grown a ton since then. We love it because its easy to get to, easy parking and relatively easy to navigate. Its not as crowded on Memorial Monday and even more so since the weather was dreary. So we actually were able to get a table!

We were pretty surprised with Allie’s effort… she’s never been too wild about meat, but she ate almost half a brat.
Allie liked the brat, but she was more interested in the rides. So even when it started raining a bit while we were eating, we headed over to the rides. She was so excited all weekend for those rides!
I don’t know that Mama’s too excited for the rides… I don’t have the same tolerance for going around in circles as I used to!
Peyton slept through the fun rides… I’m sure he’ll be more interested next year. And while I was dizzy, I had fun too. So often I spend more time with just Peyton and Dada spends more time with just Allie since I have to feed Peyton a lot. It was nice this weekend to do more stuff with just her.
Even if it meant maneuvering myself in and out of these small cars!
We did the carousel at the start, but I think that was her favorite. After the choo choo train and the race cars, Allie chose to finish with the carousel again. We would have loved to stay longer, but the weather was yucky and we ran out of money. It stinks that things are so expensive! So we got a funnel cake to share as we walked back to the car. That was a mess to eat as we were walking, but it sure was good!


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