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June 30, 2012

June 30, 2012, was a Saturday. I got up early for my long run, probably around 5. I had 9 miles planned and it had been really hot lately. I was still contemplating running the Madison Mini marathon in August.

I had one of the most fantastic runs ever that morning. I looped around the larger area of my neighborhood, even some of the hillier areas. I hadn’t really planned my route, I just ran until my gps watch counted down to zero. I felt fabulous. The heat wasn’t bad that early, I drank plenty of water but didn’t even need to eat my energy gels.

I spent a lot of time during that run thinking about something I was going to do later that day… a test I was going to take for which I already knew the result.

Later that day I had it confirmed… I was pregnant with our beautiful baby Peyton!

On June 30, 2013, it was a Sunday and I was again up at 5 a.m… we were in the hotel in Des Moines a day into vacation and I was up feeding my beautiful baby boy. Though I did run a half marathon at 20 weeks, I haven’t had a run as amazing as that 9-miler a year ago. But that’s ok because life is pretty amazing as a family of four.

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Change in scenery

It was a weekend of firsts. Friday night Peyton slept in the crib in the kids’ room! We were waiting for a night when Allie was asleep before Peyton or a weekend when it wouldn’t be as terrible to lack sleep. Friday night ended up fitting the bill on both counts. And it went fine!

The first couple nights Peyton was a bit restless. He stayed awake “talking” and woke up and just talked a couple times. For the weekend when he woke up for his first feeding I put him in the pack ‘n’ play after that feeding so the kids wouldn’t wake each other. By Monday night he went right to sleep. And I decided this morning since he was going to daycare to put him back in the room after his morning feeding. Tonight Allie was still awake when I put Peyton down. Its going better than I expected!

The other first last weekend was he sat in the high chair for the first time!
I think he likes the view!
The seat is reclined all the way back since Peyton doesn’t sit up yet. He still tends to slump to the side though. I need to find the shoulder straps, but they won’t help much right now because the lowest spot it by his ears! He’s still a little shrimp!

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4 months

We’re sitting up…
…propped up on the couch…
…and slowly…
…falling over.
Happy 4 months to Baby Peyton!

I can’t believe how fast time is going and how fast he’s growing. He has such a huge smile. Its too bad the smile disappears whenever I get the camera out! He just needs to get used to the camera, and I’ll make sure that happens! He’s almost always in a good mood. I love his laugh! Last weekend he woke up laughing one morning instead of fussing, but it quickly turned to fussing when Mama didn’t come get him fast enough.
He’s still not a huge fan of tummy time, but he’s mastering his tummy time skills. He does roll over from tummy to back, but I still don’t think he means to. He doesn’t seem to care about becoming mobile yet… I wonder how quickly that will change? When he’s on his back he’s started rolling his legs, but hasn’t gotten his arms to go with them yet. We just started working on sitting up last week.

He’s got really good leg strength. When in his bouncey chair, he lists himself up and down to make the chair bounce. If I’m sitting him on my lap he likes to lift up on his legs.

This week Doug and I finally raised the crib mattress in hopes that he’ll move into the big crib in the kids’ room from the pack ‘n’ play in our room. We still haven’t moved him yet. I’m not sure what to expect with the transition. Until the last few days Allie goes to bed first and then I put Peyton to bed. I figured putting him in the crib when Allie’s asleep will work best to start, but lately Peyton’s been going to bed first. I think we’ll just go ahead and try moving him this weekend when a late night for any of us won’t be so hard to deal with. Maybe it won’t be as big a deal as I think.
Peyton is so cute when I kiss him on his mouth… I think he gets it, because when I kiss his mouth, he opens up his mouth! Its so adorable. I especially love cuddling him before putting him to bed. I hold him close and sing and he has such a content smile. Then he opens his mouth when I kiss him. I suppose it sounds kind of weird but I like it. It makes me feel like he loves me and he knows I love him.

I was saying at 4 weeks, then again at 6 weeks and 12 weeks and so on that I felt like I finally “got” breastfeeding. Well, after some hiccups, I think I really do finally “have” it at 4 months! I changed some of my pumping equipment, which has made breastfeeding as a whole more comfortable! Its so nice to not have paid with nursing! I’m not super sentimental; I don’t enjoy breastfeeding as much as other mothers (and I hate pumping). But I do feel good knowing Peyton’s growing because of the food I make for him and he’s never had a drop of formula. Not that formula is bad, but it makes me happy that I can provide for him on my own. My goal is 6 months, but I may consider going longer if things continue going well.

Peyton eats well and sleeps well. I was so surprised when he started sleeping through the night at 6 weeks, but I also appreciated it! However, it seems like we need to get him more sleep, either in another nap or putting him to bed earlier. That’s hard to coordinate with all we have to fit in our evenings. We don’t really try to get him on a schedule, though he is getting fairly consistent on his own with sleeping times.

We don’t have any teeth yet, but he slobbers a lot and sucks on his fists a lot. Those teeth are trying to poke through. We don’t have too much trouble yet. I’ve started putting bibs on him to contain all that saliva.
Maybe the best part of the last four months is seeing Allie loving on her baby brother. We do have some occasional jealousy (and she did ask to sleep in the crib the other night after we raised it), but overall Allie and Peyton get along well. She is excited to have Peyton sleep in her room. She’s always asking to hold him and it melts my heart when Allie has to give Peyton a kiss and hug goodnight before going to bed.

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Pretty flowers

Saturday Mama and Allie went on a secret shopping trip. The list included Father’s Day presents and flowers. My flowers have done well overall, but a couple of the begonias didn’t make it and the pots had some spots to fill in.
Allie was all about helping Mama with the flowers.
Although after these pictures were taken, she was more interested in playing in the dirt. She made quite a mess of herself but had fun!
The big pot had one begonia that didn’t make it and also a bare spot because of how I planted the flowers to begin with. I got six impatiens and put two in the big pot. I’m really happy with how the existing impatiens bloomed and the zinnia too! I just don’t know why the pink of the zinnias faded so much. I could have sworn the one bloom on the plant when I got it was bright pink.
The brown pot also had one begonia that didn’t make it and a bare spot, again because of how I planted to begin with (basically I didn’t space the plants right, but it works out nicely to fit in more plants!). This pot has the marigold in the middle, which is pretty, but I think it looks like a weed. The white flower is the one begonia in the front pot that survived. The two without flowers are the new impatiens and the purple ones are violas.
This green pot was a new addition since I could only get six impatiens instead of four and I also had some dirt left from the initial planting. I don’t remember the name of the purple flower, but I think its one I got last year. Unfortunately the smaller impatien in this pot is already dead. It rotted like I overwatered or something, even though I only watered once (maybe I under watered then?). I discovered this when I went out to water for the second time. Bummer!
Allie loves going out and looking at the flowers, especially when I water them.
The plant with the little white flowers in this gray pot is one of the plants that I didn’t think would survive because I destroyed its roots when I was planting. Its thriving! I like the way its filling in the pot, though I wonder if its going to choke out the other flowers?
I love this red pot with the red geranium! Its blooming nicely. I don’t remember the name of the bluish purple flowers, but those are growing slowly. The white one is the other begonia. I guess begonias do better in more sun? I didn’t pay too close attention to sun or shade when I was buying the flowers or when I was planting them.

Overall, aside from the flop with begonias and the newest impatien that didn’t make it, I think I’m doing better with flowers this time around… third time’s the charm maybe? It definitely helps that we haven’t had the drought conditions of last summer!

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He’s gonna be a heartbreaker

The girls are going to be lining up for this hunk!
I was having some fun last week taking pictures of Peyton as we’re starting the new skill of sitting up. Most of the time he was tipping over and the whole time he was sucking on his fingers. I just had to laugh when I saw this one! He looks like he’s posing for the ladies!

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Father’s Day fun

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Dada had a great Father’s Day if I do say so myself! We started the day with presents. Allie was very excited to give Dada the presents she helped Mama buy on Saturday. But she walked in the door after we bought them and told Dada right away about the coffee mug she and Peyton got him. Allie’s not good at keeping secrets!

Anyway, after presents we had pancakes for breakfast and then got ready and out the door (only a few minutes later than we’d hoped) to head to Milwaukee for the day. We went to the Discovery World Museum. There’s an aquarium and a science and technology part. Allie liked the aquarium the best. Peyton enjoyed the aquarium too, what he could see of it at least.

We took Allie there when she was about 9 months old. We all had a lot of fun at that time and even more today! It was so fun to see Allie run around seeing all the fishies and the big replica ship on the second floor. She didn’t really understand the science and technology stuff, but had fun playing in the interactive exhibits. We also enjoyed a nice walk out by the big lake too.
Father’s Day will always be bittersweet for me as I remember my father… today I realized he died 20 years ago this summer. Wow, that’s a long time. I wish he could have been around to meet his grandchildren, but I have no doubt he’s met them and watches over them and us all the time. I am grateful for all the fathers in my life right now. Paul took us on as his own so many years ago. Doug’s dad John is a great Grandpa. I love how Allie follows Grandpa and Grandma Durso around when we go visit them. I wish we lived closer to see them more often.

And of course there’s Doug. He’s such a great dad to Allie and Peyton. This morning when Mama was making pancakes, Dada was playing My Little Pony house with Allie. He’s so much better at playing with the kids than Mama. He and Peyton are home together three days a week and he devotes all his attention to Peyton. Not to mention he takes good care of Mama. What more could we ask for?

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“Chicks dig me”

That’s what his shirt says (but his arms are covering it up)… and I quite agree!
This morning I wanted to take a picture of the super cute shorts outfit Peyton was wearing. Doesn’t he look so grown up? He’s got so many cute outfits I want to make sure he wears before he outgrows them! We were too late on a lot of the newborn size outfits.
Whenever I get the camera out to take a picture of Peyton, Allie always wants to get in. It is so cute and I am so happy that she loves her baby brother.