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It was a great weekend.

We had a little outdoor time for the kids:
Some relaxation for Mama:
mani pedi
And some baking a yummy treat:
Saturday we got out the door a little late for our first farmer’s market of the season. So far this year either we couldn’t go or the weather was bad. Well it was perfect yesterday! We got some hamburger patties, rhubarb, cheese curds and cookies. While we were there, we saw a parade! I don’t know what the event was, but we enjoyed it anyway. We walked in the capitol a bit too and were trying to find our way to the dome observation deck when we realized how late it had gotten.

After the farmers market, we headed home for lunch and then Mama had to rush off to her manicure and pedicure! I’ve been feeling so down on myself lately and this pampering was just what I needed to feel a little better about my appearance. I was a little rushed to get there (since we’d started at the farmer’s market so late) but it was still perfect.

This morning we set out for the Monona dream park.
We were really surprised that Peyton stayed awake the whole time! He was up and looking around. He’s definitely reached a point where we can’t count on him sleeping through everything anymore. Further, if there’s any stimulation, he’s not sleeping. We struggled to get him enough sleep this weekend.
We got Allie and Peyton to nap at the same time both Saturday and Sunday! When Allie got up, then she helped me make rhubarb cake with what we got at the farmer’s market. I had watched The American Baking Competition (is that what it’s called?) on Friday night and really wanted to bake. Well, we got some yummy help from the farmer’s market! It was a lot of fun. Peyton enjoyed hanging out with us in the kitchen too.


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I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

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