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Dada had a great Father’s Day if I do say so myself! We started the day with presents. Allie was very excited to give Dada the presents she helped Mama buy on Saturday. But she walked in the door after we bought them and told Dada right away about the coffee mug she and Peyton got him. Allie’s not good at keeping secrets!

Anyway, after presents we had pancakes for breakfast and then got ready and out the door (only a few minutes later than we’d hoped) to head to Milwaukee for the day. We went to the Discovery World Museum. There’s an aquarium and a science and technology part. Allie liked the aquarium the best. Peyton enjoyed the aquarium too, what he could see of it at least.

We took Allie there when she was about 9 months old. We all had a lot of fun at that time and even more today! It was so fun to see Allie run around seeing all the fishies and the big replica ship on the second floor. She didn’t really understand the science and technology stuff, but had fun playing in the interactive exhibits. We also enjoyed a nice walk out by the big lake too.
Father’s Day will always be bittersweet for me as I remember my father… today I realized he died 20 years ago this summer. Wow, that’s a long time. I wish he could have been around to meet his grandchildren, but I have no doubt he’s met them and watches over them and us all the time. I am grateful for all the fathers in my life right now. Paul took us on as his own so many years ago. Doug’s dad John is a great Grandpa. I love how Allie follows Grandpa and Grandma Durso around when we go visit them. I wish we lived closer to see them more often.

And of course there’s Doug. He’s such a great dad to Allie and Peyton. This morning when Mama was making pancakes, Dada was playing My Little Pony house with Allie. He’s so much better at playing with the kids than Mama. He and Peyton are home together three days a week and he devotes all his attention to Peyton. Not to mention he takes good care of Mama. What more could we ask for?


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One thought on “Father’s Day fun

  1. Looks like a really fun day! We’ve never been to either the Public Museum or the Discovery World Museum in Milwaukee and we really should go sometime.

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