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Saturday Mama and Allie went on a secret shopping trip. The list included Father’s Day presents and flowers. My flowers have done well overall, but a couple of the begonias didn’t make it and the pots had some spots to fill in.
Allie was all about helping Mama with the flowers.
Although after these pictures were taken, she was more interested in playing in the dirt. She made quite a mess of herself but had fun!
The big pot had one begonia that didn’t make it and also a bare spot because of how I planted the flowers to begin with. I got six impatiens and put two in the big pot. I’m really happy with how the existing impatiens bloomed and the zinnia too! I just don’t know why the pink of the zinnias faded so much. I could have sworn the one bloom on the plant when I got it was bright pink.
The brown pot also had one begonia that didn’t make it and a bare spot, again because of how I planted to begin with (basically I didn’t space the plants right, but it works out nicely to fit in more plants!). This pot has the marigold in the middle, which is pretty, but I think it looks like a weed. The white flower is the one begonia in the front pot that survived. The two without flowers are the new impatiens and the purple ones are violas.
This green pot was a new addition since I could only get six impatiens instead of four and I also had some dirt left from the initial planting. I don’t remember the name of the purple flower, but I think its one I got last year. Unfortunately the smaller impatien in this pot is already dead. It rotted like I overwatered or something, even though I only watered once (maybe I under watered then?). I discovered this when I went out to water for the second time. Bummer!
Allie loves going out and looking at the flowers, especially when I water them.
The plant with the little white flowers in this gray pot is one of the plants that I didn’t think would survive because I destroyed its roots when I was planting. Its thriving! I like the way its filling in the pot, though I wonder if its going to choke out the other flowers?
I love this red pot with the red geranium! Its blooming nicely. I don’t remember the name of the bluish purple flowers, but those are growing slowly. The white one is the other begonia. I guess begonias do better in more sun? I didn’t pay too close attention to sun or shade when I was buying the flowers or when I was planting them.

Overall, aside from the flop with begonias and the newest impatien that didn’t make it, I think I’m doing better with flowers this time around… third time’s the charm maybe? It definitely helps that we haven’t had the drought conditions of last summer!


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