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We’re sitting up…
…propped up on the couch…
…and slowly…
…falling over.
Happy 4 months to Baby Peyton!

I can’t believe how fast time is going and how fast he’s growing. He has such a huge smile. Its too bad the smile disappears whenever I get the camera out! He just needs to get used to the camera, and I’ll make sure that happens! He’s almost always in a good mood. I love his laugh! Last weekend he woke up laughing one morning instead of fussing, but it quickly turned to fussing when Mama didn’t come get him fast enough.
He’s still not a huge fan of tummy time, but he’s mastering his tummy time skills. He does roll over from tummy to back, but I still don’t think he means to. He doesn’t seem to care about becoming mobile yet… I wonder how quickly that will change? When he’s on his back he’s started rolling his legs, but hasn’t gotten his arms to go with them yet. We just started working on sitting up last week.

He’s got really good leg strength. When in his bouncey chair, he lists himself up and down to make the chair bounce. If I’m sitting him on my lap he likes to lift up on his legs.

This week Doug and I finally raised the crib mattress in hopes that he’ll move into the big crib in the kids’ room from the pack ‘n’ play in our room. We still haven’t moved him yet. I’m not sure what to expect with the transition. Until the last few days Allie goes to bed first and then I put Peyton to bed. I figured putting him in the crib when Allie’s asleep will work best to start, but lately Peyton’s been going to bed first. I think we’ll just go ahead and try moving him this weekend when a late night for any of us won’t be so hard to deal with. Maybe it won’t be as big a deal as I think.
Peyton is so cute when I kiss him on his mouth… I think he gets it, because when I kiss his mouth, he opens up his mouth! Its so adorable. I especially love cuddling him before putting him to bed. I hold him close and sing and he has such a content smile. Then he opens his mouth when I kiss him. I suppose it sounds kind of weird but I like it. It makes me feel like he loves me and he knows I love him.

I was saying at 4 weeks, then again at 6 weeks and 12 weeks and so on that I felt like I finally “got” breastfeeding. Well, after some hiccups, I think I really do finally “have” it at 4 months! I changed some of my pumping equipment, which has made breastfeeding as a whole more comfortable! Its so nice to not have paid with nursing! I’m not super sentimental; I don’t enjoy breastfeeding as much as other mothers (and I hate pumping). But I do feel good knowing Peyton’s growing because of the food I make for him and he’s never had a drop of formula. Not that formula is bad, but it makes me happy that I can provide for him on my own. My goal is 6 months, but I may consider going longer if things continue going well.

Peyton eats well and sleeps well. I was so surprised when he started sleeping through the night at 6 weeks, but I also appreciated it! However, it seems like we need to get him more sleep, either in another nap or putting him to bed earlier. That’s hard to coordinate with all we have to fit in our evenings. We don’t really try to get him on a schedule, though he is getting fairly consistent on his own with sleeping times.

We don’t have any teeth yet, but he slobbers a lot and sucks on his fists a lot. Those teeth are trying to poke through. We don’t have too much trouble yet. I’ve started putting bibs on him to contain all that saliva.
Maybe the best part of the last four months is seeing Allie loving on her baby brother. We do have some occasional jealousy (and she did ask to sleep in the crib the other night after we raised it), but overall Allie and Peyton get along well. She is excited to have Peyton sleep in her room. She’s always asking to hold him and it melts my heart when Allie has to give Peyton a kiss and hug goodnight before going to bed.


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