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Family time in Kansas City

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I didn’t do much research into what we’d do when we went to visit Kansas City. Doug said Uncle Jeff likes to play tour guide, and then our plans ended up changing slightly so we weren’t completely sure what was going to happen. It ended up being all of the Dursos together in Kansas City and Monday afternoon we went to the National World War I Museum at Liberty Memorial.

Its the nation’s official World War I Museum and I have to admit I didn’t even know there was such a facility let alone that its in Kansas City. First we went to the top of the memorial:
The whole area reminds me of the Washington Monument. I’m not sure if its supposed to… anyway, there’s an observation deck on the top. The memorial is 217 feet high. You take an elevator and then 45 stairs.

Once we got to the top, we were treated to these views:
013Incredible! We got a family picture but it was hard because the observation deck was a pretty tight squeeze. The kids weren’t too impressed, maybe because the wall was really high for them (and we weren’t too keen on lifting Allie up too high!), so they couldn’t see too well.
Allie loved being reunited with her cousins, Carson and Cole, for a few days. We’d last seen them in March when they visited after Peyton was born. I got this cute picture of Allie and Carson.
After the memorial we went into the museum. I only took this picture of the museum. I thought it was cool the corridor leading to the museum, a clear bridge and flowers down below.
It was an interesting place, but not one you can truly appreciate when you’re with kids. Also, we were there kind of late and only had about an hour before it closed. But I did relearn and understand better some of the details about the war.

After the museum we went to Crown Center. Its a mall with some really neat stores and restaurants. We didn’t stay long though. It was getting late and we were tired from a long day. We looked around the Crayola Store and the kids had fun drawing on the chalkboard.
For dinner we went to this restaurant with a train theme, Fritz’s Railroad Restaurant. In fact, food was delivered to the table via train. I didn’t actually witness this, however, because I had to go feed Peyton. The food was pretty good though and it kept the kids’ attention for awhile.


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