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Tuesday night of our vacation, we took the kids to their first baseball game! The Kansas City Royals hosted the Cleveland Indians. It was a lot of fun and we were surprised how well the kids did! We got them t-shirts and they also got cute certificates commemorating the occasion.
Before the game we took the kids to the special kids area where they had baseball-themed games. Allie rode the carousel twice. If there’s a carousel, she’s on it!
Peyton even got in on the fun when I rode the carousel with Allie. He was asleep during all this, but I’m sure he loved it.
We got the kids t-shirts too. Allie was so excited, we put hers on right away.
Our seats were up in the top section, but the view was great! Doug tried to explain a little about baseball to Allie.
We enjoyed watching the fountains in the outfield. When it got dark they had colored lights.
There were some threatening clouds and we did see some thunder and lightning. It did rain a little bit, but we just went up higher in the stands under the overhang. It wasn’t enough to affect the game.
We were so pleasantly surprised with how well the kids did! We were hoping to stay through the fourth or fifth inning. We ended up staying until the eighth!
Late in the game we went down to see the seats that Uncle Jeff, Aunt Julie, Carson and Cole were in. Jeff got tickets from work (he works at the Fox station in Kansas City) right behind the Royals dugout! The seats next to them were empty for the whole game, so we went down to join them. Now that was a great view!
Peyton was quite tired by this point in the evening!
The Royals rallied, but it wasn’t enough and they lost. I don’t remember the score. It was a lot of fun though to have a night out at the ballpark and hang out with family.


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