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Our vacation took place in two parts, we first went to Kansas City to see uncle Jeff and then we went to Festus, Mo, to see Grandma and Grandpa’s new house. We departed for Festus on Wednesday afternoon, but first we hung out with Uncle Jeff and walked a little bit on the Plaza and had lunch.
The plaza is a really pretty shopping area. We didn’t walk too far because Allie was exhausted (well we were all exhausted) and Dada ended up carrying her and it was really hot. There were a bunch of fancy stores but what we enjoyed more were the statues. Allie rubbed the pig’s nose for luck (the sign said to) and of course the horse below was a perfect photo op! Doug doesn’t want it known that this horse was outside P.F. Chang’s (he doesn’t like Chinese food).
Apparently Kansas City is also known for its fountains? This fountain is at one end of the park where Julie and I had run on Tuesday morning (there’s a loop path around the park).
Great chance for a family photo! We forgot Peyton’s hat in the car, so that’s actually a burp cloth on his head, ha ha! He was really comfy in the carrier, that’s actually how he got his nap most of the days we were on vacation, either there or in the car.
Jeff was such a great host, and sadly this was the only picture I got of him!
A few pictures of the Spanish-style theme of the area:
086 087
090 091
We had lunch at an Italian restaurant. Peyton slept on me, but I had to get up and walk him around a few times to stay asleep, so I could still eat! There was plenty of room to walk though as the restaurant was huge and not crowded at all for lunch. After lunch it was time for us to go. 😦 Its sad we can’t all live closer together!


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