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Happy birthday Daddy

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I love looking back through all these old pictures. A few years ago my mom and my sister scanned every picture we had and put them all on thumb drives for each kid. Among them were old black and white photos of our dad growing up. Or at least, I assume these are dad. Can any of my family members confirm this is dad?
Of course we joke about Dad and his beer (I do remember tasting it at a young age and not being very impressed), and it looks like Grandpa was the same!
In the pictures of me and our family I wish I remembered more of what was going on and why they were taken.
I do remember the shirt Dad was wearing in these next two photos. I remember as a kid thinking it was so old and ugly. Yet he’s wearing this shirt in what seems to be a disproportionate number of the photos I have!
Dad would have been 67 today. I realized a couple weeks ago its been 20 years since he died.
Happy birthday Daddy!
Today is bittersweet. Its also Monk’s eighth birthday and the day Doug proposed seven years ago. But I’ve been thinking most about my Dad recently.

I’ve been thinking of him a lot in the last few months. Back in November we got our Dodge Journey and we got it using Dad’s greensheet discount through Chrysler. And in February I gave birth to Peyton Dennis Durso. I decided a long time ago I wasn’t going to name all my kids after other people. The only namesake I was going to have was naming my first son after my Dad, and I fulfilled that promise on Feb. 20.


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