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We got rice cereal last weekend and were waiting for a good time to try it. When I got home from work we decided tonight was the right time! Peyton’d had a bottle about an hour before, so we figured why not go for it? I think he knew there was something big going on.
I don’t know if the cereal itself or the spoon was a bigger surprise to Peyton. Well, really it was breast milk with a teeny amount of cereal… but Peyton could tell the difference!
He actually seemed to like the cereal. And he also seemed to understand how to eat off the spoon. He didn’t push the cereal out of his mouth too much, though some did dribble out over his chin.
I don’t know how much he actually ate… it was painful to see 2 ounces of breast milk mostly dumped down the drain, especially as my freezer supply is dwindling. I think he actually would have eaten more than we gave him, but he proceeded to spit up everything he’d eaten. It really was only a few spoonfuls anyway.
Allie had really been excited about giving Peyton rice cereal. It was a little bit difficult to feed Peyton because Allie wanted to help. I gave her the rules, and she actually did really well!
I think we’ll try this again!


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I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

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