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We spent the Fourth of July in Kirkwood, Mo, a St. Louis suburb about a half hour away from Grandma and Grandpa Durso’s new house in Festus. Kirkwood is a cute little town with an Amtrak station right in the middle. We met Aunt Julie there and watched the train come in.
Baby Peyton was very festive in his stars and stripes hat. He also was wearing a onesie denoting his first Fourth of July. He and Aunt Julie were the only ones of the group who were dressed in red, white and blue that day!
Allie had her aunt Julie wrapped around her finger. Aunt Julie shared her lipstick with Allie. So glamorous!
After the train was gone, we went to lunch at one of the few places open that day. Apparently in small towns, everything actually closes for the holiday! Who would have thought?

One place that was open though was The Magic House, the St. Louis Children’s Museum. We really enjoy Madison’s children’s museum, but The Magic House is awesome! Its huge too. We didn’t get there until about an hour and 15 minutes before it closed and it was a shame we didn’t get there earlier because there was so much we didn’t get to see.
They had a mystery area where Dada and Allie took a secret passage through the fireplace. I didn’t go because I had a very fussy Peyton in the carrier, who I was trying to carry around and get to fall asleep. Luckily he did go to sleep, or else this museum trip wouldn’t have been so fun!
One of the biggest hits of the museum was the Star Spangled Center, an area with exhibits about all three branches of government and a lot more. Appropriate, given the day!
They had a replica Oval Office, where we all took turns making important phone calls for the President. Allie looks very serious here… could this be a foreshadowing of things to come for her?
We also went to the Supreme Court. They had robes you could put on and the speaker, which Allie enjoyed. There wasn’t a gavel though.
There was a construction zone that we walked through a bit. Allie wore a hard hat and supervised for a little bit. 135
The museum had two wings and this musical thing was in between them. I would have liked to explore this part more!
Of course, Dada found the football!
After the museum, we drove around a little bit and got some ice cream on our way back to Festus.
Peyton wasn’t too interested in the ice cream. He slept a lot that day because he was really exhausted by this point in the trip. But Allie sure was interested! She chose her ice cream for the color… I think this was some kind of berry flavor. She ate a bit of it and then shared the rest with Mama and Dada.
Julie, Grandma and Grandpa hung out with us at the hotel for a little bit. We decided since both kids were exhausted to head to bed early since we were getting on the road to go home the next morning. That early bedtime didn’t happen though… we should have just stayed up!


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