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The last month went by in a blur because of vacation. I almost managed to forget that Peyton is five months old today! He still doesn’t smile for the camera, but I got this sort of smile on July 4.
I’ve done rice cereal three times now and I think he’s starting to understand what this is about… he ate a bit more and kept grabbing at the spoon. I could tell he swallowed a good amount and decided to end the feeding when more was falling out of his mouth than being swallowed. And he protested when I took it away!
Peyton got visibly bigger in the last few days. I gave him a bath last Sunday and when I put him in the bath Thursday night, he looked way bigger! I thought I was imagining it, but when I put him in the car seat on Friday morning it was the same thing! He hadn’t been in the car seat since Monday. I noticed tonight how big he looks in the pack ‘n’ play! He was up twice last night, three times if you count the fact that he up and fussing before 7 this morning. I’m guessing that is related to this visible growth and I hope it doesn’t continue! It was quite a shock to be up feeding at 4 this morning.

A month late: At 4 months, Peyton was 14 pounds and 24.75 inches. That put him in the 16th percentile for weight and 26th for height. His head circumference is 16.3 inches, 34th percentile. We had his four-month appointment right before vacation, so I didn’t get it in here at that time. I was surprised at how small he still is. He’s on a good growth curve. Its just kind of strange because Allie was pretty big from the start (though I just looked at her growth charts and she’s actually on the smaller end now).

I think we’re about ready to start packing away the 3-month clothes and get out the 6-months. All of the 3-months still fit, but it gets pretty tight to put his arms in the sleeves and he is getting a little tall for some sleepers. I had wanted to do this today but naps took a large part of the afternoon (for Mama too!), so maybe tomorrow or just gradually this week.

He’s grabbing more and playing with toys more. He’s more interested in the toys that hang above him on his activity mat. He rolls tummy to back, but it still looks like he’s not doing it on purpose. I think he’s trying to roll back to tummy. Sometimes when he’s on his back he arches his back and almost rolls onto his side.

I still use the swaddles for bed time, but leave his arms out. He still kept his arms in on vacation, probably because he was so exhausted. But a few times after vacation I tried to put his arms in and he wouldn’t keep them in. So I just went with it. I guess its not a big deal, but it reminds me that he’s growing and won’t be a baby forever.


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